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On Sunday evening, March1, 2015 I was invited to help host a Pub Crawl by Catapoolt and Padhaaro for charity. The proceeds from the event went towards buying a bus for children the Bal Utsav foundation supports.


To donate to Bal Utsav, please check out their facebook page:

It was an interesting evening and hopefully the first of several such events in the coming months.

Three venues were visited:

  • Big Pitcher Brewpub
  • Jimi’s Beer Cafe
  • Puma Social Club

Big Pitcher

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The highlight of the venue was the brewery tour. We had two assistant brewmasters guide us through the brewing process at Big Pitcher. It’s interesting to note that they have one of the largest facilities in Bangalore and their brewmaster is from Brazil. I would recommend the Kingslayer Dark wheat ale, the Hopwitch ale and the Adjust Maadi weiss from their brewpub collection. They have a great selection of finger foods and pizzas – do give them a try!

Jimi’s Beer Cafe


Thanks to the folks at OLA, we got free rides to Jimi’s Beer Cafe in Indranagar. It’s a nice chilled out pub perfect for pre-gigging. We were treated to free shots and OLA shot glasses which came in handy. Do try their pitchers and finger food.

Puma Social Club


We rounded off the evening by a visit to Puma Social Club. Thank you,  OLA once again for giving us a ride over there. Groovy lounge music, delicious cocktails followed. Once again,  we were treated to free shots. It’s a great club to unwind at. The Puma Social concept was launched in Bangalore and soon other cities all over the world followed suit.


OLA Cabs. For more information, please visit their facebook page


Once another crawl is organized,  we will push for a short presentation along with a sampling session before we do the brewery tours. I have a presentation lined up! This time we will be sure to include at least two brewpubs and a regular pub.

Stay Tuned!


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