Other Uses of Beer


Apart from the obvious choice of beer as a beverage or a mixer for beer cocktails, beer can be used in cooking but it doesn’t just stop there! There are a few other interesting uses for beer. Here are few of the uses I found on the internet:

  1. Beer Shampoo* – Beer adds volume, thickness and shine to your hair, as well as strengthening it. Ladies pay attention! Add a bottle to your bath water.
  2. Beer Bath – Beer is great for your skin – it softens it! Ladies pay attention, once again! After your beer bath, do a self-pedicure – the beer makes it easier to exfoliate.
  3. Furniture and jewellery polish – works great – dab beer on a soft cloth, polish, then dry with a different cloth.
  4.  Rust Remover – the carbonation in the beer helps remove rust. Dip your rusty nails in a glass of beer.
  5. Bee repellent – use beer to create a beer trap. Once they check in, they can never leave!
  6. Snail/Slug killer – bury containers at soil level and fill these with beer. Snails are attracted to the yeast in beer and will drown in them. This way you get pre-marinated escargot! Genius!
  7. For your lawn – beer helps revive brown patches of grass. The sugars in the beer act as nutrients, while the acidity helps kill fungi.

* – Park Avenue India sells a ready made Beer Shampoo:


The product retails for Rs. 200 (including shipping, as of March, 2015) for a 200 ml bottle and is available on Flipkart. I actually own a bottle and it really does a great job!


Beer Soaps – similar benefits to Beer shampoo – great for your skin.

Beer Soaps on Flipkart – click

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