Lego & Craft Beer

I am sure the cover got your attention for two reasons:-

  1. The very cool Lego guy with his beer mug.
  2. The Coors Light Can – surely that is not Craft Beer is it?

Lego has seen a re-emergence in social media in recent times. Lego fans have been taking photos of lego figures with various objects from airplanes to beer! (Please click on the images below to zoom in)

Beer Farts

One such Lego twisted Beer blogger on Instagram goes by the handle Beer Farts (@beer_farts). His photographs are catchy, well composed and will put a smile on your face. These are all his images that you see in this article! I’ve developed a friendship with Tom – the man behind the Beer Farts empire. We actually have a lot in common besides the craft beer connection and he was nice enough to do a short interview with me.

Tom is originally from London and happened to live in Vancouver, Canada (Go Canada!!!) from 2010 to 2012. He was never a big fan of beer – thanks to mass produced lagers that never appealed to his palette. Landing it in Vancouver was the best thing to happen to him – exposure to local Canadian craft breweries, as well as American ones just south of the border. Craft beer  is exactly what Tom needed to taste and he became an instant fan. Upon his return to London in 2012, he was pleasantly surprised to see an explosion in the London craft beer scene – with new microbreweries opening up and plenty of great craft beer to go around. Tom has since become a complete beer geek – a rapid progression.

Tom  eventually signed up for an Instagram account and started posting photos of beer. A year ago, a girlfriend gave him a Lego set as a joke after she realized he really liked the Lego Movie that was released. He decided to incorporate the Lego men in his next beer shot for Instagram to draw more attention to his pictures. His Lego and craft beer collection grew, as well as his followers on Instagram. He now has around 6,400 plus followers.

From a simple idea to make people laugh to a platform that lets him interact with fellow craft brew fans and breweries, Tom has now realized that he may be interested in working for a brewery and maybe one day brew his own beer. He is already involved in taste testing for some of his favorite breweries in London. I seriously hope he gets to achieve his goals.

Cheers to you Tom and I do hope you do fly down to Bangalore and take a tour of the brewpubs here with me sometime soon!

Fellow Craft brew enthusiasts, take a moment to browse through his pictures and follow, please.


All Images have been used with permission from @Beer_farts

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