Where is Mr. Heineken?


Did you know that on January 9, 1983 – Freddy Heineken (the billionaire Heineken brewery owner) was kidnapped as he left his office in Amsterdam?

A group of masked men abducted him at gunpoint and took him to their safe house and demanded a hefty ransom. In the weeks that followed, a stand off took place between the police and the kidnappers eventually leading to a ransom payoff of $20 million – the highest ever paid to a kidnap victim at that time.

Fast forward to today – they’ve made a movie about the kidnap starring Anthony Hopkins called “Kidnapping Mr. Heineken”. Reviews are mixed but forget all the rotten tomatoes and IMDB, it’s a movie about one of the most iconic beer brands out there – I’m definitely going to watch it online! *update* – I watched it online and found it quite interesting but as expected it’s a story about the kidnap not the beer. Worth a watch for all you die hard Anthony Hopkins and Heineken fans!

The movie is based on the book,  De ontvoering van Alfred Heineken (1987) by Peter R. de Vries. The book tells the story from one of the kidnapper’s point of view.

The movie was filmed in Belgium in October, 2013.

kidnapping_mr_heineken_poster (2)

Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Jim Sturgess, Sam Worthington, Ryan Kwanten & others.

Release Date: March 12, 2015

DVD Release Date:  It’s already out on DVD

Runtime: 94 Minutes

Official Website: http://kidnappingmrheinekenmovie.com/

You can watch a preview of the movie here:-

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