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Pradeep “Beer” Gidwani – Founder of the Pint Room Image Courtesy of Yo!

A month ago, I had the pleasure of visiting one of The Pint Room’s branches in Mumbai. This chain of Beer Cafes showcasing Craft Beer imports has its presence in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Pune, with other outlets set to open shortly. A mutual friend of mine and partner in the venture Deep Biswas introduced me to Pradeep Gidwani, the founder of the Pint Room, a few months ago.

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I was able to interview Pradeep over the phone & email & here is what he had to say:

How did you get into beer?

I started my career with Tea/ coffee with Unilever and then got into the Drinks industry with the UB Group and then moved into their joint venture with United Distillers ( now Diageo). I joined Foster’s in 1997 when they were coming into India and launched the brand in India. Foster’s was the first international beer brand to take on Kingfisher and become highly successful. This was my first stint with beer. I was MD of Foster’s till we sold our business to SAB Miller in 2006. Later on I worked as the Managing Director for Carlsberg till 2010. Have been entrepreneur since 2010 .

Please tell us about your experience in bringing Carslberg and Fosters to India. 

Foster’s was a pioneer in the way people looked at beer in India. It became a lifestyle drink. Foster’s got people to drink from the small pint sized bottle, got Formula 1 into India and reorganized beer distribution in India. Carlsberg was the first All Malt European style lager that was brewed in India and sold at almost double the price of Kingfisher. Tuborg was positioned as the beer for young adults around music and was the first to introduce a ” pull off” cap. Clearly Foster’s, Carlsberg & Tuborg were the first 3 international brands to be successful in India between 1997 and 2010. Heineken, Miller, Peroni are only late entrants.

How was the Pint Room born?
I quit the Corporate world in early 2010 and was keen to do something on my own as an entrepreneur. Having witnessed how coffee cafes had successfully transformed the way India met, the idea of a beer cafe was born and the concept was  ” Meet up over a beer”. I partnered with Rahul Singh who had retail experience and conceptualized THE BEER CAFE and opened the first outlet in Dec 2010 in Delhi. Subsequently, I parted ways and sold THE BEER CAFE trademark and restarted as THE PINT ROOM in April 2012.

What is The Pint Room USP?
The USP is simple. Meet people, make friends – beer is just the catalyst. If coffee can have it’s Starbucks, then THE PINT ROOM has the potential to become the ” Starbucks of beer”

What are some of the obstacles businesses like The Pint Room face? 
Highly complicated and regulated industry which is just way over taxed. This makes it difficult to set up clean, open spaces like THE PINT ROOM. High taxation deters people from drinking beer and forces people to drink spirits.

What about your competition? 
Any meet up space is competition. Regarding beer spaces – the more the merrier, beer is still so nascent that it needs a lot of hands to drive a beer culture. we at THE PINT ROOM would be really happy to see a beer revolution in India

Cheers ! Prost ! Salud!

Thank you Pradeep for those insights! The Craft Beer revolution is young in India and we need to support pioneers in the space and help such meeting spaces for Beer mushroom and flourish all over this country.

If you’re in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai or Pune, please stop by and check out the vast collection of craft beer – bottled and on tap this quaint venue has to offer.
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  1. Had been there once back in december 14.. got my hands on erdinger, peroni, amigos and asahi.. erdinger’s taste still lingers on my tongue in my dreams sometimes 😛 . Loved the ice cold peroni and the tequila flavored amigos <3 . Overall it was probably the best beer experience that I've had.. And ofcourse yes, the staff was fantastic… It was awesome reading about the owner and his journey … love your blog sir … -the instagram fan 😛

    • Nice! The Beer Café has just arrived here in Bangalore. Hopefully they will have a decent selection once they get all the red tape with the local government all worked out.

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