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L To R: My friend Amit, Jigna Shah (Ops Manager) and Me at The Pint Room, Bandra

Whist at the Pint Room Bandra, I also got a chance to find out more about the lady who runs the show there.

Meet Operations Manager, Jigna Shah.

It’s great to see a woman behind the helm and someone who is very passionate about craft beer and ensuring everyone who visits this outlet gets the complete “Beer” experience. She runs beer workshops from time to time and knows her craft beer well. If you ever need to know how to pour the prefect pint, she can teach you a thing or two! Thank you Jigna and Cheers!

Let’s find out more about here shall we?

Operations Manager - Jigna Shah
The Pint Room, Bandra Operations Manager – Jigna Shah

How did you get started in the hospitality  business?

I joined the hospitality Industry in 2008 and after setting up the Puranmal’s chain.  Years later, I joined The Pint Room as Outlet Manager in 2012.

Tell us about your journey with Beer and Craft Beer.

When I joined the Pint Room,  beer mean Kingfisher and nothing else.  Gave my heart and soul to learn about beers as Pradeep my boss wanted me to be thorough with my product.  He spent a lot of time in training me and making me understand what beers are all about.   I took a long time to sit and taste all the beers in our portfolio and then analyse them with Pradeep – tasting and making notes about each sample.   I had a regular guest named Anuj who is a beer connoisseur and he used to discuss and analyze all the new additions to our catalog. That helped me out tremendously when Pradeep was not around.

In 2013, I moved to Gurgaon for a few months to set up a new Pint Room outlet.  In addition to my knowledge of craft beer and beer, I’ve also learned .  It took a long time and a lot of effort and hard work but I’ve reached the stage today where I am confident in running this business, training my staff and the most important of all hosting beer tasting sessions and workshops on beer and talking to my clientele.


What India needs is more women like Jigna who are passionate about beer specifically craft beer. We are seeing that in the US and Europe with more women getting involved in brewing, operations and running brewpubs and pubs.  This craft beer revolution is slowly spreading its wings eastwards.

Cheers to all the women in the Beer industry! Go Girls!

“For all the minions who assume Beer is passe and only Wine and Whisky have rich history, flavor profiles and varieties, let me come talk to you in a few years when you’ll be drinking Craft Beer with all of us and attending workshops and tasting sessions. Until then ,don’t tell me I didn’t tell you so!”

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