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My Crazy Fun 2 Day Weekend Brewpub Crawl

A few months ago, I connected with American  Craft Beer Aficionado, Rick Hall  via social media. New Jersey based Rick works as a purchasing manager by day and in his spare time indulges in Craft Beer all over the world.

In late March,  Rick pinged me letting me know he was visiting India in April on business and stopping over in Mumbai, Goa and Bangalore. He had been to Mumbai before but never to Goa or Bangalore. I recommended some neat places in Goa for him to check out and a brewpub I had seen last Christmas but never ventured into. Turns out Goa does have a brewpub but isn’t completely up and running! I will cover that story when I am in Goa again.

Before he arrived in Bangalore, I chalked out a 2 day brewpub crawl to 5 of my favorite brewpubs here in Bangalore, based on location. (See my [click] ->BLR Brew Pubs for more)

MeetingmtoCV6_Oq3v7W6LZ81kjE1A Rick in person was awesome and he brought along two of his Canadian friends, Gary and Manish from Vancouver. I brought along my Belgian buddy Sher, who is a Chef, Chocalatier and Belgian Beer expert. We talked a lot about trends in the US and what styles were trending, as well as techniques. Saisons and Sours are the rage in the US at the moment. Rick has been a craft beer fan for decades and the wealth of knowledge this man has is staggering.

Rick has traveled the world and not just the US in search of great beer. He’s been to the great Beer nations in this world, Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic. He’s traversed Belgium and had his fare share of trappist ales, lambics, saisons and wits. He’s also had his fair share of Bratwurst and German brews at Oktoberfest and visited the historic Czech town of Pilsen, birthplace of the Pilsner. He also knows brewing techniques and equipment even though he is not a brewmaster or home brewer.  Rick, like me loves hoppy beers and IPAs.

To organize a brewpub crawl, give me a shout on facebook.com/talesoffroth 

Day 1: Arbor Brewing Company & The Biere Club (MG Road Area)

At Arbor, as predicted the IPA’s went down really well – you can’t beat the Hop factor at this brewpub. We loved the Buzz Saw IPA. Like any typical American Craft Brewpub, they do IPA’s really well.  I asked Logan, the brewmaster there to come meet us and have a chat. The big bonus was seeing Chris Gayle from the RCB cricket team there – he was busy making drinks behind the bar and getting people to dance the Caribbean way.   We had a great time watching all the craziness whilst sipping on some brews and enjoying the good pub fare at Arbor – have those Bacon Chili Cheese Fries – with all that Beef, Beans, Bacon and melted cheese!

At the Biere Club, we sampled beers, beer cocktails and some great food. The Belgian Strong Ale and Nut Meg Ale  were favorites and Vishal Nagal, the Ops Director and his bartenders took really good care of us.  The beers here are on heavy rotation – there is always something new to try. The platters and pizzas here are brilliant. Thank you Vishal.

 Day 2: Toit, Big Pitcher & Windmills Craftworks (Indiranagar > Old Airport Road > Whitefield)

At Toit, their Weiss was highly favored as was the Colonial IPA.  Toit does everything right – consistent brews every single time and in my opinion the Best Bavarian Hefeweizen in town. Their Irish Amber Ale is also brilliant as is their Stout. After a quick round of beer flights and pizza and photos, we quickly made our exit.  We were on a tight schedule and zoomed down the road to visit The Big Pitcher and tried out their new smoked malty Ale – The Red Willow. Rick liked the KingSlayer Dunkel. My personal favorites are the Red Willow, KingSlayer and the HopWitch – all heavy duty hearty brews.

Next stop, Windmills – a perfect end to an amazing brewpub crawl. We had a great chat with Roger, the general manager there, tucked into some delicious ribs, burgers and excellent brews – favored by all of us – the Vienna Lager and the Citra IPA – perfectly brewed just like their wonderful coffee – they know coffee and they do coffee well.  The staff are well trained and it’s definitely a 5 star experience.

What did Rick Think?

From our beer tour I liked Arbor first followed by basically a tie between Toit (for their place) and Windmills (for their beer)…then Biere Club (more for the fun atmosphere and evening)…and Big Pitcher.

To organize a brewpub crawl, give me a shout on facebook.com/talesoffroth 


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