8 Weekend Beer Ideas

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8 Independence Day Specials

“A Collection of Brewpubs/Pubs for Independence Day Weekend”

My advice: Always Order a Sampler  (better known as a Beer Flight) to begin with. For Sampling Notes, please read this post – Beer Sampling

1. Arbor Brewing Company – MG Road

Baltic Porter
Baltic Porter
  • A Baltic Porter, celebrating their 400th batch. Well done Chaps. Interesting Porter as it is brewed with lager y A Baltic Porter, celebrating their 400th batch. Well done Chaps. Interesting Porter as it is brewed with lager yeast, giving it a nice crispy mouthfeel. Other flavors are hints of coffee and Christmas Cake – fruity goodness. 6.4% , 30 IBU.it a nice crispy mouthfeel. Other flavors are hints of coffee and Christmas Cake – fruity goodness. 6.4% , 30 IBU.
  • Pair this with their Tenderloin Steak or Bacon Chilly Cheese Fries. Try their sampler. Other favorites include, The Raging Elephant IPA and The Smooth Criminal Lavender/Honey Ale and the Phat Abbot – Belgian Tripel.

TIP: Call their number, choose Option 3 on the IVR to hear a list of what is currently on tap.

2. Toit Brewpub – Indiranagar Area

Smoked Rye Ale - Image Courtesy - Toit
Smoked Rye Ale – Image Courtesy – Toit
  • Independence Brew – Tapped Aug 15 – Brace yourselves – A Smoked Rye Ale. Malts – Pale Ale, Cara Rye, Smoked Malt.  Hops: Noble Hops (European low bitterness, high aroma hops – common ones are Hallertau/ Saaz) Appearance: Straw/Light Amber. Aroma: Smoky  Taste/Mouthfeel: Smoky with earthy hop tones, medium bodied.  Will be heading out there this afternoon to test it out.
  • Go early to avoid the rush. Others to try – The Toit Red and the Weiss and if you are up for it – The Dark Knight Dry Stout. Try a sampler and enjoy all the light pub fare – love their pizzas.

Tip: Download their awesome App to find out about the current monthly special. Score points and earn free beer!

3. & 4. The Biere Club – Lavelle Road & 153 Biere Street – Whitefield

Biere Club

Peace Weiss - Image Courtesy - The Biere Club
Easy Lager – Image Courtesy – The Biere Club
Peach Weiss Biere Club
Peach Weiss – Image Courtesy – The Biere Club
  • Easy Lager – Easy going by the sounds of it.
  • Peach Weiss – Goodness me – Life is peachy eh? Interesting combination.

Biere Street

  • OakWood Ale – Sounds interesting!

  • Both are in really great locations, have a wonderful selection of food, cocktails, spirits and an interesting collection of brews.

Tip: Call them for what’s brewing or follow their newly created Instagram page – @thebiereclub

5. 3 Monkeys Brewpub – Old Madras Road

Image Courtesy - 3 Monkeys Brewpub
Image Courtesy – 3 Monkeys Brewpub
  • 50% off on All Brews 12 pm – 12 am on August 15 
  • Innovative Craft brews that are definitely some of the strongest in the city.
  • Brews On Tap:
  • Hopfenweisse
  • Hefeweizen
  • Weizenbock
  • Belgium Session Ale
  • Dunkel
  • Mango Cider.
  • All consistently great brews – The Hopfenweiss, Belgium Session Ale and Dunkel are new on the list! Go give them a try and enjoy the dance floor afterwards.

Tip: Follow their Facebook page.

6. Brewsky – JP Nagar

brewsky freedom ale

  • India Freedom Ale – Limited Brew. – An interesting smoked ale with lots of spicy notes – cinnamon dominates but this brew has been steeped with an array of ten different Indian spices. I would describe this as “Brew Tonic” – something I’d love to have in the morning!
Brewsky Freedom Ale 2
The Freedom Ale
  • Go for their rooftop space and other really great tasting, consistently well carbonated and balanced brews:
  • Belgian Wit
  • Hefeweizen
  • Hopfenweizen
  • Klosch
  • IPA
  • Limited Special – The Freedom Ale
Brewsky On Tap
My Favorites – L to R – Klosch, IPA, Hopfenweizen

Tip: Follow their Facebook page for monthly specials.

7. District 6 – Malleswaram

The Kaptain District 6
The Kaptain Weizenbock
  • #D6Turns 1 Celebrations are on-going : Special food menu, Drink Specials and Entertainment
  • The only brewpub in Bangalore that follows the German Purity Law – from brewing techniques to ingredients. D6 uses Weyermann Malts imported from Bamberg, Germany and their brewmaster has been trained to brew in Germany. Prost!!!
  • My favorites – The Guru Ale (Caramel Malts and Hoppy Goodness at 6%)  and Kaptain Weizenbock (Bocks are stronger lagers – this one a stronger version of a hefeweizen but made with bottom fermenting lager yeast). Pair with the Reuben Steak Sandwich.
  • Other Brews on tap:
  • The Liberator – Lager 4.5%
  • The Chief – Hefeweizen 4.5%
  • The Dark Lord – Stout 4.5%
  • The Radler – Lemon Lager 2.5% (sweet)

8. The Beer Cafe – Indiranagar

  • A new Beer Cafe that apparently has 50 brands from 17 countries. This is their 25th outlet in India – They currently have 17 brews available with draft beer on the way. A lovely space with bright, modern interiors located just up the road from Pecos. Be patient, more bottled imports are on the way – the delay is due to government delays. It’s a pity that the pub capital of India has red tape hindering the growth of craft beer in this city!
  • Innovative Brewtails – Beer Cocktails. Try their version of a re-worked Moscow Mule – vodka, ginger, cucumber, topped up with lager. Absolutely refreshing.
  • Check out their Facebook Page > https://www.facebook.com/thebeercafe

Alternative – If you don’t like the selection of imports, you can always mosey on over to Bootleger on Vital Mallya Road to sample their impressive selection of import brews.

For More Details on the Brewpubs on this page click here > ——-LINK

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