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Coasters - Taken with my Nexus 5
Coasters – Taken with my Nexus 5

I’ve posted about my favorite brewpubs and shared my opinions about why I like certain establishments and what my favorite beer styles are. My reasons come from a history of drinking craft beer and knowledge picked up along the way. It is my hope that the reviews posted are bearing fruit and that slowly more people in this city and nation will come to appreciate craft beer.

Now it’s time for all of you to voice your opinions. Let’s see what results pan out. Are we all on the same wavelength I wonder?

Thank you in advance for voting.  {Voting open from September 2 to September 9}

The Results:

The poll was listed on Bengaluru Thirst Club, the Tales Of  Froth Facebook update page  and on my personal Facebook homepage.

Number of Voters: 139

Top 5 Brewpubs in Bangalore:

  1. 3 Monkeys Brewpub – 45 Votes (32%)
  2. Toit – 30 Votes (22%)
  3. Windmills – 20 Votes (14%)
  4. Arbor – 16 votes (11%)
  5. Biere Club – 9 Votes (6%)

Complete Results: (please click on the picture)

Poll Results BLR Brewpub


The results aren’t surprising as most of these brewpubs are on my personal favorites list. At least 139 people did make the effort to vote – thank you to all of you that did.

3 Monkeys, Toit, Windmills, Arbor and the Biere Club are names that you hear repeatedly from people when you ask them about their favorite beers.

What’s so special about 3 Monkeys?  They do great bock beers and their Wheat IPA has been on my favorites. Brewmaster Martin Bernard who is originally from Quebec, Canada is very passionate about craft beer and you can see that in his brews.

One can argue that standards vary – yes there can be some inconsistencies on a batch by batch basis due to various factors but in general if you look across the board, these brewpubs produce on average very good beers in terms of their appearance, aroma, taste and mouthfeel.

I am little surprised that Brewsky and District 6 did not get more votes. They both offer great brews that are consistently good.

There are a few brewpubs in town that have much scope for improvement. Craft Beer does have a learning curve and the movement here in Bangalore is barely 5 years old. One can only hope that brewmasters are truly given the freedom to “craft” great brews instead of being bogged down by profitability directives. It is my belief that if you are passionate about what you do, this will show in your brews and you will build a following, keep the cash flow positive and grow your business if you keep your customers satisfied.

On that note, I’d like to raise a toast to ALL the brewpubs in Bangalore.


JJ The Keg


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