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gemütlichkeit – describes a space or state of warmth, friendliness, and good cheer.

How about a movie about one about the world’s largest beer festival funded by who else but Beer drinking fans around the world?

What festival? Oktoberfest – A Royal Wedding celebration in 1810 in Munich, Germany,  that started with horse races , grew bigger with time and has now turned into a global Beer festival. Oktoberfest traditionally starts in the third weekend in September and ends the first Sunday of October.

I was lucky enough to attend Oktoberfest in Toronto a few years ago. After chanting my lungs out, drinking several Erdinger & Weihestephaner MassKrugs (1 Liter Mugs), wolfing down pretzels, bratwursts and admiring all the fraulines, I somehow stumbled home. It was a night to remember!

The last comedy about Beer was Beerfest, released in 2006 and that was slapstick but great entertainment. It’s about time someone made another comedy about Beer.

Oktoberfest The Movie


The movie will be be ready for release in August 2016. It will be filmed at Alpine Village – a complex in Torrance, California, that houses a German restaurant, market and hosts Oktoberfest. The restaurant serves up authentic German food and …wait for it…..20 taps serving a combination of German Beer and American Craft Brews. I already like the sound of that!!

The Plot

Oktoberfest Movie is a comedy about a group of colorful employees who share a love for their workplace the Alpine Village. When the village gets in trouble, they must pull together all of their strengths to put on the greatest Oktoberfest the world has ever seen”


The movie takes place in Southern California and is about the unique experience of Oktoberfest at Alpine Village (Torrance, CA), which is enjoyed and celebrated by thousands of people from diverse backgrounds every year. As a celebration of that diversity, Oktoberfest Movie is not only made by movie producers who are fans of Oktoberfest, but it is also reaching out to fans all over the world to create a truly unique way of filmmaking. It is a movie by fans, for fans!


The Who

oktoberfest capture skype

For the past few months, I’ve fostered a friendship with Oktoberfest Movie team. It’s amazing how Social Media really does make like minded people come together. A few weeks ago, I got to talk to them live on Skype!

Paul Porter, Hayley Derryberry & Brenda Radke were kind enough to spare some of their busy time to talk to me about their journey with Beer, Craft Beer and the movie itself.

Paul is the writer, producer and director for the movie. Originally from KS (a state I spent some time in), he’s accomplished several things in life besides the movies – he’s got a military background (US Marines), is a professionally trained guitarist (Guitar Institute LA), a blogger for his production site and also works for the Alpine Village theme park and helps out with their Oktoberfest activities. Paul’s father’s side is German – so this whole project is such a good fit. He also manages most of the Social Media accounts for the movie and I can tell you doing that is no easy task. Give this man a beer for doing all of that!

Hayley is also a writer and producer for the movie. She also stars in the movie. Hayley is married to Paul and they make such a sweet couple. She’s from Tennessee and has family ties with Germany. She’s also an avid blogger and works for the marketing team at Alpine Village. Hayley also actively participates at Apline Village during their events including Oktoberfest. She’s got some crazy hair dos and outfits – uber cool. Her love for craft beer is so evident and I salute both Paul and Hayley for doing this whole project together for Beer lovers across the world. Simply awesome isn’t it?

Brenda is also a producer and their strategist. In essence Brenda is their marketing guru who comes with a great deal of experience in digital marketing. Brenda also works with Alpine Village. She loves her craft beer and has been to Munich for Okotberfest. Breda’s husband home brews and they both enjoy their Craft Beer. Super friendly and dedicated is my impression of her.  You’ll see Brenda performing at Apline Village, as well!

What I find amazing is that they are just so friendly, full of energy and they absolutely love their Beer and Craft Beer. That passion for Beer just came through our little Skype chat. I hope that we can all meet in person soon over a few pints of Beer!


How you can help

Source: Kickstarter
Source: Kickstarter

So they’ve got 90% (as of Sep 25) of the funding down and they are into the final push – just a few days left. This movie is all about Beer. Please, take the time to lend them a hand – we are all in this together!

*Update* – They’ve reached a 100% funding as of Sep 27, 2015 and are now pushing for their stretch goals:

ofest funding chart

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