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Being Responsible Behind The Wheel

All of you know that as Beer blogger, I’m out sometimes several times a week and on weekends sampling new brews, going out with friends or enjoying a nice pint at home. I am an advocate of responsible drinking – what on earth does that mean?

Drinking in moderation is the key. I am advocate of pacing yourselves, hydrating as required to minimize making a fool of yourselves  and minimizing hangovers. In moderation, alcohol is good for your health not detrimental.


How do you get yourself to the bar and back home? Living in North America for several years, I can tell you that traffic stops are not fun and the discipline of not driving under the influence was instilled into me there.

In case you are wondering, I don’t drive in Bangalore like I used to. I take public transport – mainly taxis and the occasional that chooses not to charge extravagant rates – a rarity – yes, true!

There is a very sound reason as to why taking public transport, hiring a driver or having a designated driver is the correct thing to do.

Let’s look at Karnataka and look at a few simple statistics.  WHO released a Global Status Report for Road Safety 2015:

  • Karnataka ranked the 4th highest in the country when it comes to deaths due to road accidents. (10,444 deaths in 2014)
  • Bangalore is 4th out of ten cities when it comes to road accident deaths. ( 729 deaths in 2014).
  • 4.7% of these deaths statewide are caused due to drunk driving
  • Bangalore Police booked 55,138 cases of drunk driving in 2014 and 37,868 in 2015 (up to September 2015). 

Reducing these statistics is important for all us and it all starts with awareness and education.

Data Source: WHO Global Status Report On Road Safety 2015

India/Karnataka Permissible Limits

  • Legal permissible limit is 30mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood (0.03%)
  • Very low compared to the rest of the world

That’s a very low limit and personally that means of person of my weight and stature could very well be at the limit after drinking two standard (330ml) bottles of Beer. When you think about it, it is simply not worth driving if you’re out to have a few drinks.

Instead, choose from one of these options:

  • Book a Taxi 
  • Book a Chauffeur 
  • Ask someone responsible to volunteer as a Designated Driver. It is understood that this person will not consume any alcohol whilst accompanying you. 

Respect The Road Campaign


SABMiller India launched the “Respect The Road” campaign in 2011 to help educate consumers about the dangers of drinking and driving. The campaign was launched in Delhi/NCR in 2011 and was done in partnership with the local traffic police, radio stations and taxi providers. Representatives have also been sent and partnered with bars/pubs/restaurants that carry SABMiller India products to engage customers via messaging and interactive activities.

They came up with a traffic mascot, “Traffic Tau” to help spread awareness about drinking and driving to the general public. Traffic Tau has now been adopted by the local police as their very own road safety mascot.

traffic tau

Here are some of their achievements in the Delhi/NCR region:

  • One of India`s biggest don’t’ drink and drive program on digital media
  • Through our radio cab partners Mega Cabs, the program reached out to over 60,000 captive consumers on a monthly basis.
  • Through Piquor booths, an exciting self-photography experience the program reached out to over 3,000 consumers on ground and 17,00,00 users on social media.
  • The program has been extensively covered in print, electronic and digital media.

This video sums up their achievements wonderfully:



SABMiller India has now brought this program to Bangalore and partnered with:

With the holiday season in full swing, there is no better time to create awareness than now!

Respect The Road Pub Crawl (#RTRPubCrawl)

On Wednesday, December 23, I was invited to join the “Respect The Road Pub Crawl” – a mini crawl organized by SABMiller for bloggers to create awareness of the program. The crawl also included several fun activities to keep us all engaged and educated.

Amit Nachahal SAB Miller
Amit Nanchahal – Manager Sustainability & Communication | SAB Miller

I spoke to Amit Nanchahal – Manager Sustainability & Communication, SABMiller India at the event and asked him what the goal of this campaign was in Bangalore.

His response was to create awareness to everyday consumers and provide them with safe alternatives to drinking and driving. SABMiller India plans to sustain this program in Bangalore in the near future and this is not just a holiday campaign.

Crawl Venues in Indiranagar:

At Jimi’s – we had a fun Road Safety Rapid Fire quiz and enjoyed a nicely curated Christmas menu with herb crusted chicken, corn jalepenos and cheese poppers. For drinks – a selection of SABMiller India Beers – Fosters & Miller High Life.

Drive You Jimmis
The Drive U Representative

At The Beer Cafe we asked to come up with a new Traffic Mascot for the program and a winner was selected. On the menu – a selection of chicken salad, pasta and pizzas. Selection of SABMiller India Beer s- Peroni & Miller High Life.

Congratulations Nivedith Gajapathy  on coming up with the Traffic Swami concept!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At Bare Bones – we met with the owners, signed The Road Safety Pledge wall and were treated to dessert – Christmas Plum cake and a cream coconut cake, as well as a few more SABMiller India Beers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each participant was handed over a bag of goodies – all related to the Respect The Road Campaign. It was wonderful to be a part of the crawl and to understand what SABMiller India is doing to promote road safety. Thank you guys for a wonderful time and more importantly a life saving initiative!


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In closing, this is my message to all of you – Cheers & Happy Holidays!!!

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