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Gateway Brewing Co’s Kaapi Stout – A Tale Of Collaboration, Craft Beer, Coffee & Cheers

Homebrewing and Craft/Artisanal Beers have been around for a very long time but the resurgence of Craft Beer in recent times can be traced back to what happened in the America in the late 70’s.

US President Jimmy Carter signed a bill in 1978 legalizing home brewing that started a chain of events resulting in the formation of a home brewers association there. Many of these homebrewers went on to start their own Craft Breweries such as Sierra Nevada, Stone Brewing, Dogfish Head and New Belgium. Today these Craft Breweries are icons.

Many of these massive Craft Breweries still pay homage to their roots by:

  • Keeping in close contact with the homebrewing community – sharing information, giving advice and helping them out.
  • Collaboration brews made with homebrewers

India’s Craft Beer scene is in its nacent stages with brewpubs sprouting up across some of the major metros in the last seven years. A handful of brewpubs/microbreweries have been started by owners who have a background in Craft Beer – either as brewers or homebrewers. Some of them have strong ties with the homebrewing community across India and we’ve finally started to see collaboration brews coming out of Maharashtra.

On October 31st, Independence Brewing Company, Pune released the Puneri Honey Basil Ale – a Beer that was made by collaborating with local homebrewers – Saurabh Patwardhan and Sapan Maniyar.

Gateway Brewing Company in Mumbai is an example of a microbrewery started by homebrewers in 2011 that first launched their beers on Jan 29th, 2014. They distribute their beers to over 75 outlets across Mumbai and Pune today. For their two year anniversary, they decided to collaborate with one of Mumbai’s homebrewers Pratik Bavishi (@brewunlimited) and release a special limited anniversary brew – The Kaapi Stout.

This blog post will be in two parts. The first part will focus on the Beer. The second the story behind the Beers , an interview with Pratik and Gateway with some interesting insights.


The Kaapi Stout

Kaapi Stout JJE

The Kaapi Stout launch party was on Thursday January 28, 2016 at Woodside Inn, Andheri West. Tales Of Froth got to be a part of the launch.

The Coffee Stout is brewed with Gateway’s locally sourced malted Barley that they roast on their own  and infused with single estate Blue Tokai Coffee sourced from Karnataka.

The icing on the cake is that this brew is Nirtrogenated.  What on earth does that mean?Think about a pint of Guinness.  From the moment it is poured from the tap into your glass, the romance begins. Watching the cascading effect of bubbles that translates into a nice thick, creamy head is just mesmerizing. You can thank Mr. Nitrogen for that.


When people talk of nitro, it’s a reference to the type of gas used in the carbonation process. Normal fermentation in the brewing process using yeast produces two main byproducts – alcohol and Carbon Dioxide. The CO2  is what causes bubbles and carbonation in your Beer, dissolves in it , is acidic and hence adds a bite to your beer. Nitrogen on the other hand is largely insoluble and hence adds a  nice creamy mouthfeel and smoother bubbles.  A typical nitrogenated beer contains about 70 percent nitrogen and 30 percent carbon dioxide.

Bonus for Beer Geeks

  • Brewing Process – Nitrogen is used for force carbonation instead of CO2  during the conditioning/process.
  • Dispensing – A special tap is required to dispense a Nitro beer that usually consists of a Nitrogen tank and regulator, similar to the figure below


Image Courtesy:



Here’s what Gateway’s Stout looked like once it was just poured from the tap and you can clearly see the cascading effect mentioned earlier.

Kaapi Stout Cascade JJE

Tasting Notes 

<5% ABV, SRM 40 (approx)

Appearance – Dark Brown with a nice creamy, smooth thick head, fine bubbles.

Aroma – Coffee dominates with a subtle hint of maltiness.

Flavor/Mouthfeel – Creamy mouthfeel giving you a full bodied Stout that has subtle coffee and vanilla aromas and flavor.

This Brew is balanced and by that I mean not in your face. None of the flavors dominate, its not too sweet nor too bitter but instead delicately balanced. Despite being full bodied this Brew really goes down smooth. Funnily enough it is sessionable!

Malt Bill – Base Malt, GBC Roasted Barley, GBC Dark Crystal

Hops – Magnum, Infusion – Crushed Coffee

Overall Impression – Despite being full bodied this Brew really goes down smooth thanks to the Nitrogen.

John Kaapi Stout Happy

Look at that smile on my face! Don’t take my word for it, go have a pint yourself.

Food Pairing – Beef Stews, Dark Chocolate Cakes and Desserts.

For the launch this was beautifully paired with a piece of dark chocolate!

Where to Find the Kaapi Stout

This is a limited edition since a batch of only 400 litres was brewed. So get it while you can!

Currently you can find the Kaapi Stout on tap at the following 8 locations:

  • Woodside Inn – Andheri
  • Woodside Inn – Colaba
  • Irish House – Kala Ghoda
  • Irish House – Bandra
  • Bombay Canteen – Lower Parel
  • British Brewing Company – Lower Parel
  • Palladium Social – Lower Parel
  • The Good Wife – BKC

For a listing of all the other outlets that serve other Gateway Beers (except the Kaapi Stout), please find them here:

Gateway Brewing Company Facebook Page – Click Here


Woodside Inn – Andheri West | Kaapi Stout Launch – Jan 28

It was a small get together with members of the media, restaurant/bar & home brewing community and Craft Beer enthusiasts held on the patio of the recently opened WoodsideInn at Andheri West.

All 3 co-founders from Gateway Brewing Company (GBC) were present – Navin Mittal, Rahul Mehra & Krishna Naik. The star of the show of course was my good friend, Pratik whose recipe was used to make this wonderful Kaapi Stout.

Plenty of Kaapi Stouts and wonderful appetizers were had with lots of laughter and cheers in the air – a  truly enjoyable evening and it was well worth the trip, I mean Well Worth The Froth (WTF).

Cheers and Stay Frothy

JJ The Keg

Ps – Stay tuned for Part II with all the insights about how this Stout came to be, along with interviews with Pratik and Navin. As always, please like, comment, share and follow Tales Of Froth.

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All Images Courtesy: Gateway Brewing Company, Woodside Inn, Tales Of Froth



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