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A few weeks ago, a group of fellow Beer enthusiasts and I met up with Narayan Mallepally, co-founder of Geist and head of brewing operations at Brewsky. We discussed the idea of future collaboration brews, Craft Beer workshops and barrel aged stouts.

Jamie Rath, the brand ambassador for Jameson had talked to me about doing a combined Craft Beer & Whiskey workshop and since Brewsky already has a Jameson Lounge, we felt it would be great to do an event there.



Jameson also has a wonderful program called Caskmates. The head distiller at Jameson and the head brewer of Franciscan Well Brewery (makers of Craft Irish Stout)had a conversation about find a way for the Distillery and the Brewery to work together. What eventually came out of this discussion was Jameson lending a few casks to Franciscan Well. They barrel aged their stouts creating a wonderful new product that had the best of both worlds but this isn’t where the story ends. Jameson took back the casks they had lent and finished a new whiskey in these stout seasoned whisky casks and the result a whiskey with notes of coffee and butterscotch from the Stout. The wonderful news is that Jameson now want to partner with microbreweries around the world and you guessed it India is on the list.

gastronomista_Jameson Cask Mates 2
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If all goes well, Brewsky will be receiving their first Jameson casks later this year to brew two batches of barrel aged Stouts before returning the casks to Ireland. Those are two distinct products well worth waiting for.


Craft Beer & Jameson Workshop


Jamie, myself and Narayan met to discuss what we would cover during the workshop and the event flow. Once this was discussed, I worked with the Brewsky team to help design a tasting sheet, tasting notes and a handout on the brewing process. A bit thank you to the design team for creating some amazing creatives, handouts, posters and tickets.

Essentially the idea was to walk people through the Jameson brand – History, Ingredients, Production, Tasting Notes & introduce the Caskmates program. This was to be followed by an interactive cocktail making session and some giveaways.

jameson booklet

For the Craft Beer session, an introduction to Craft Beer – History, Ingredients, Production, a Brewery Tour and a Guided Sampling Session.

We wanted ensure that attention to detail was preserved throughout.


tasting sheet

The Event

We had just under 20 participants show up on Saturday comprising of a few people from the food blogging community, two from new brewpubs and others curious to learn about Whiskey and Craft Beer.  Jamie presented first followed by my session on Craft Beer. Neal Mackowiak, Head Brewer at Brewsky along with Assistant Brewer Joseph and Narayan then gave participants a tour of the Brewhouse and we finally ended up at the Jameson lounge for our guided Craft Beer sampling session, whiskey cocktails demo and announcing the winner of the quiz we had both conducted earlier.

Beers Sampled:

  • Belgian Wit
  • Hefeweizen
  • ESB
  • Dunkelweizen
  • Coffee Stout
  • IPA

The coffee stout was specially brewed for this session using locally sourced Coffee.

Interactive events such as these are designed to empower participants both as consumers and advocates. One can hope that everyone who attended will take their curiosity about Craft Beer and Whiskey to the next level and start to appreciate what they are drinking.

Thank you to all of you attended and a big shout out to Jameson and Brewsky for helping put this event together.

Here’s what the evening looked like and there shall be several more events such as these in the near future. Remember to appreciate the Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of what’s in your glass.

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Cheers/Slainte and as always Stay Frothy!

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