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Exploring Indian Entry Level Strong Lagers

In December 2015, we shot a series of short Beer videos at Sherlock’s Pub, Frazer Town. The first video was released on March 16th, 2016 – editing is no easy task!

Kudos to the hard working video team that slaved away mercilessly to produce these videos.

What’s the big deal?

87% of the Beers consumed in India are entry level Strong Lagers but how many of us have really deconstructed these Beers and analyzed them to a level of scrutiny normally applied to Imports, Craft and Specialty Beers?

Two of my fellow Beer enthusiasts and I got together for fun to see what we would discover putting these lagers to the test and at the same time sharing a few tips about Beers in general for everyone to enjoy.

Beers Reviewed:

  • KF Strong
  • Haywards 5000 Bold
  • Tuborg Strong

Video Link:

We also shot two other videos which have since been published on Facebook, as well

  • Video 2 – The Perfect Pour  Link:
  • Video 3 – Beer Hacks Link:

TOF First Video SAB

You can access ALL the videos HERE


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