From Grain To Glass

Craft Beer & Whiskey Workshop

Tales Of Froth teams up with Jameson Whiskey once again to give you an insight about how both Craft Beer and Whiskey go from Grain to Your Glass!

In March, 2016 we teamed up to do a similar event at Brewsky, that was very well received.

What & Why?

This time around, we’re doing it in a more central location at Arbor Brewing Co. on Wed May 11th at 7pm (Event Link)

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Essentially the idea is to walk people through the Jameson brand – History, Ingredients, Production, Tasting Notes. Jamie Rath from Jameson will be your guide for this journey. This will to be followed by an interactive cocktail making session and some giveaways.

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For the Craft Beer session, an introduction to Craft Beer – History, Ingredients, Production, a Brewery Tour and a Guided Sampling Session. I will help you understand how to start taking your Beer appreciation skills up a notch so you can become a true Beer Geek or Beer Snob, whichever floats your boat!

Talking about sampling

Head Brewer Logan will be on hand to answer your questions as well as take you on a behind the scenes tour of his office – the brewhouse.

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The Brew Crew at Arbor

The objective is to give all of you a better understanding of Craft Beer and Irish Whiskey and most importantly a great opportunity to ask questions, network and have a lot of fun.

We don’t believe in boring people nor classroom type learning. Come as you are with an openness to learn something new and to have fun.

See you on Wednesday!!!


Cheers/Slainte & Stay Frothy!

JJ & Jamie

Event Details

When: Wed, May 11th @ 7:00 PM

Where: Arbor Brewing Company (map)

Seats: Limited to 30

Cost: Rs. 1,000/ (All Inclusive)


  • Any one beer from Arbor’s taps
  • A sampler set or 6 beers
  • 2 Starters – What’s beer without food!?
  • Enough Beer and Whiskey to create your very own cocktail

Event Link: Click Here

Ticket Link: Click Here

Event Video & Summary:

The event went off without a hitch. We were sold out – a full house. 30 people came and listened to both of us talk about Whiskey & Craft Beer. The tasting session was a lot of fun. After a few of those Arbor Beers, everyone was quite relaxed and that made the cocktail session a lot of fun, as well as the quiz.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Here’s a video of what went down at Arbor:




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