Myra’s Misfit

The new limited edition Cuvee from Myra Vineyards


World famous Beer Evangelist, Randy Mosher writes in his book, “Tasting Beer” that to enhance your senses, one of the best ways to do this is to attend a wine tasting.

He says,” Go to a wine tasting. Sometimes getting away from our comfort zone jolts us into a state of higher awareness”.

As a evolving Beer Evangelist who specializes in critiquing Beer & Craft Beer, my time is usually spent sampling various Beers, speaking to Brewers, helping Brew batches and conducting sampling workshops. I’ve taken Randy’s advice and have recently started attending wine appreciation workshops. There are several in critiquing a wine but since we are dealing with different ingredients, there are a few key differences that one must make a note of.  The focus in Wine is picking out fruity and spicy notes from the grape varietals used and any flavors produced from the yeast strain vs Beer where flavors are primarily from the malt, hops and yeast strains used.

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At the Fine Connoisseurs of Fine Wine workshop at Enoteca

The sessions at Enoteca have helped me tremendously and I certainly don’t mind appreciating a bottle of fine wine on occasion.

As fate would have it, the good folks at Myra Vineyards were kind enough to send me a bottle of their new limited edition offering – Misfit.

Myra Vineyards – The Story Behind Misfit

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The Brand

Myra Vineyards was founded in early 2013 and is present in three Indian states – Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa with their portfolio segmented into three distinct categories:

  • Entry Level -Two Headed Bird
  • Premium – Myra
  • Super Premium – Reserve


This vineyard has gone on to win multiple awards across the world including:

  • Hong Kong Wine and Spirits 2014
  • Decanter Asia Award 2014
  • International Wine Consumer’s Choice Awards 2014
  • Indian Wines Consumer’s Choice Awards 2016

At present, Myra has six different varietals that are sold in leading retail outlets, restaurants and hotels across Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa.


Myra’s Misfit is a limited edition Cuvee. The word Cuvee in French simply means “vat” or “tank”. Cuvees are blends of two varietals and in this case a blend of traditional Cabernet Sauvignon and a fruity Shiraz. There are only a hundred cases of this wine which translates to 1,200 bottles, thus making it a limited edition product.

This cuvee is matured in French oak casks for 18 months and is the first unfiltered wine varietal in India and that’s what makes it special. Keeping it unfiltered helps bring out all the natural characteristics this wine has to offer. For all the Craft Beer drinkers reading this, think of unfiltered vs filtered. Filtering tends to strip away flavor.

In Karnataka, Misfit is exclusively available only at the Crowne Plaza, Bangalore. This is not available at retail outlets. All the profits from the sales of Misfit will be given to chosen charities.

Tasting Notes & Impression

Misfit in Glass

Label Notes

It is a smooth, medium-bodied wine bursting with   rich berries, spice flavors and delicate oak aroma which intensifies  your senses. The medium-bodied, elegant, rich and dark wine has potential to improve in the bottle for several years. Essentially, this is bottle conditioned – a similar process to that used by brewers.

Vintage: 2013

Grape Varietal/Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are rich in tannins thus giving you a fuller body with pronounced fruity notes. Shiraz varietals on the other hand are lower in tannins thus giving you a lighter body with earthy and spicy notes. Shiraz also tends to age well.


Price: Rs. 1,500


Color & Clarity: Garnet, Hazy

This is expected as this wine is unfiltered.


Condition/Intensity/ Aroma: Clean, Pronounced. Aromas of oak, rich berries, slightly spicy.

Cask conditioning in Oak really brings out those aromas on the nose and the varietals each shine through.


Tannin/Astringency/Acidity/Body/Finish: Medium bitterness, high astringency, medium acidity with a medium to heavy body that gives a long finish.

Flavor: Matured oak to begin with followed by spicy, black currant & pepper notes giving you a long finish.


Overall, this wine had a lot of character and richness that grows on you after every sip. In short, a perfect wine as an accompaniment for lunch or dinner. Pair this with lamb, meat sauce, pizzas & pasta. Serve warm at 16-18 deg C.

Where to Buy/More Information


To find out more about Myra Vineyards : Click Here


In Karnataka, Misfit is exclusively available only at the Crowne Plaza, Bangalore. This is not available at retail outlets.

Price: Rs. 1,500

Crowne Plaza Bangalore: Click Here


In Maharashtra, Misfit is exclusively available only at the The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai.

Price: Rs. 1,500

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel: Click Here


In Goa, Misfit is exclusively available only at the The Grand Hyatt, Bambolim.

Price: Rs, 1,500

Grand Hyatt: Click Here


Images Courtesy: Tales Of Froth & Myra Vineyards


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