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Gurugram’s first ever Beer Fest | June 11-18, 2016

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Summer’s here and it is that time of year synonymous with festivals. Had I still been residing in Toronto, I would have been attending the Ontario Craft Beer Week, which takes place at this time of year. Beer/Craft Beer festivals are ever so popular in the West these days for a simple reason – they are fun and help bring awareness to Craft Beer. You get to sample a variety of beers from different microbreweries, go tete a tete with brewers, meet fellow enthusiasts, participate in several fun activities and in the process have a great time.

Traditionally here in India, when we think of Beer and pubs, you think of Bangalore right off the bat and with the Craft Beer movement exploding across India, one would assume that a Craft Beer festival or even better a Craft Beer/Beer Week would first happen in Bangalore right? You’re wrong! Sadly, there haven’t been any such weekend or week long fests in the city.

However, 2000 kilometers away, there is a city that is having it’s first Beer week! Gurgaon or Gurugram as it is know now drinks almost as much Beer as Bangalore does and has around the same number of brewpubs present with new ones set to open later this year.

AMM Hospitality have successfully conducted two successful editions of Cocktail Week in both Mumbai and Delhi. They are now aiming to replicate the same success by launching Beer Week India – an event that brings together the best brewpubs/select bars in Gurugram for a whole week.

Beer week india

Beer Week India (powered by Zomato) runs from June 11-18th across 20+ locations (bars & brewpubs) in Gurugram and will have several events including:

  • Launch Party
  • Beer Crawls
  • Cocktail Contests
  • Brewery Tours
  • Beer Games
  • Beer Workshop & Master Classes
Brewsky Dunkel Wit
ESB and Belgian Wit

The whole week is designed for Beer enthusiasts to learn the basics of Craft Beer & Craft Beer appreciation, trivia, participate in crawls, games, network and enjoy some great Craft Beer & Food. There are different pricing packages available with several flexible options. You can choose to get a blanket discount rate for the whole week that includes all the events or choose to attend each event individually. Wristbands start at Rs. 399 and include:

  • 1+1 or 50% off Beers at all participating venues
  • Over 20 plus brewpubs/bars to choose from
  • Access to special events such as tasting sessions, crawls and the Master Class.

I have been invited to help co-host Beer Week and will be helping with multiple events and conducting a few workshops along with my co-judges, Master Brewer Ishan Grover and Brewer Thean Kruger.


Participating Venues

Vapor Premium
  • 7 Degrees Brauhaus – Golf Course
  • Manhattan Craft Brewery – Golf Course
  • Uptown – Sector 29
  • Brewer Street – Sohna Road
  • Vapour Pub and Brewery – Golf Course
  • Hops ‘n Brew – Sector 29
  • Torgauer Brewpub – Sohna Road
  • Quaff – Cyber Hub
  • Punjabi by Nature – Sector 29
  • Lagom Kitchen & Brewery – Sohna Road
  • Molecule Air Bar – Sector 29
  • Bronx The Brew Bar – Sector 29
  • Batli 29 – Sector 29
  • Hunter Valley – Sector 29
  • Vapour Bar Exchange – Sector 29
  • Factory by Sutra – Sector 29
  • Warehouse Café –  Sector 29
  • Bottles and Barrels – Sector 29
  • The Brewhouse, Fortune Select Excalibur – Sohna Road
  • The Beer Café –  Cyber Hub 
  • The Beer Café – Ambience Mall
  • The Beer Café – Sector 50
  • The Beer Café – DLF Phase 4


Where to Get Tickets/More Information


This is going to be great. I’m really excited about the event. Stay tuned for blog, social media updates each day as Beer Week Begins!

The launch party is at the Brew House on June 11th at 8:30pm

See you all there – Cheers & Stay Frothy!!!

JJ The Keg

All Images Courtesy: Beer Week India, & Tales Of Froth


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