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Since Tales Of Froth was launched in February 2015, a lot has happened – a growing following, newspaper articles, workshops & plenty of travel. 2016 has been phenomenal so far and it’s getting busier & busier day by day.

So far, I’ve been managing everything to do with the blog, social media channels, managing events & workshops and talking to PR companies. Needless to say, I have my hands full and it’s time to get some help. It also made sense to re-do the logo for the blog – new beginnings!

People who love and understand Beer as much as I do are naturally a logical fit to Tales Of Froth. That’s why being a member of The Bangalore Brew Crew – Beer Enthusiasts club is awesome. It’s a group dedicated to Craft Beer and Brewing.

Announcement #1

I am very pleased to announce that Karan Nagpal is now a part of Team Tales Of Froth. Karan will be writing blog posts and helping with the blog’s Social Media channels.

Karan 2

Keep an eye out for his first article – out soon!

Here’s what Karan had to say about himself (in his own words – of course):

 Karan “Nitro” Nagpal

 karan nagpal

“At 23, life can be quite confusing. Existential questions are usually the order of the day. Particularly straight after graduation! Where am I heading with my career? What is the next move? Why am I on this planet? Okay, that last one maybe a bit much, but you get the point. Having just completed my bachelors in Hospitality management, my obvious path would be to dive into the family business, of hotels and bars, namely Shilton hotels and Watsons and Puma Social Club, where my dad has been a director since their inception. But of course, I had to go and fall in love with something else all together. The art of creating beer was what caught my attention, and I was hooked on to this new obsession ever since.

A beer workshop conducted by my university was the tipping point for me. It sent me into a free fall that led to having an obsession with craft beer and its limitless possibilities. My parents also played a big role in providing me with the freedom, and the opportunity to experience first class beer the world over through travels with them. Having travelled to France, Italy, Austria, Norway, Finland and more recently all over Australia, I can honestly say that the obsession for bringing quality beer into India has only grown. I also had the good fortune to work for 2 months at a prestigious US based brewery, Arbor Brewing Company, here in Bangalore. This was a great learning experience that brought a lot of my passions under one roof and job. I got to talk beer with my colleagues, the patrons, the well read brew masters and as well as the CEO, Mr. Gaurav Sikka, who has since, become an inspiration to me. Along with this amazing chance to absorb knowledge, I also got to serve people and be a part of just the best working atmosphere.

Coming to future plans, after a lot of deliberation and due consideration, I found that Heriott Watt at Edinburgh would be the best nurturing ground for me. The idea of pursuing a masters degree in the science and the art of brewing and distilling, all in a year is an extremely exciting prospect, and the fact that it is in Scotland which is the heart of the best scotch whiskey and beer is even more so. Other than this unhealthy obsession with the elixir we call beer, I also listen to a ton of music, read as many books as I can get my hands on and play as much cricket as I possibly can.

A little P.S – Thank you John for giving me this incredible opportunity to work with you and watch you live the life I hope to live someday! Cheers!”

Images Courtesy: Karan Nagpal

Welcome to the team Karan!

karan me and gabor
Gabor from Hungary, JJ and Karan – sharing stories from our world of Beer!

Announcement #2

Two’s company but Three’s a crowd. I’m very pleased to announce that Manish MK is also a  part of Team Tales Of Froth.

Manish will be helping write blog posts focused on the fine art of brewing, attending events and of course sharing several pints with Karan and I!

Let the young man speak I say and hence this is what he had to say:

Manish “The Ninja” Mk

Manish MK

“Yuck! Too bitter!” were my exact words when I took my first sip of Kingfisher as a kid! Little did I know then that I would grow up to brew beers far more bitter than Kingfisher myself. I was born in Germany, a country where beer is cheaper than water and even the cheapest beer is of far better quality than any commercial bottled beer available in India. I didn’t stay there long though – only about a year and a half. Like any Indian teenager, I grew up drinking Miller, Tuborg and Kingfisher – the stuff that was cheap and easy to get hold of.

I always thought to myself, “Why on Earth does beer have to taste so bad?”. Fortunately, not long after, I was introduced to the wonderful world of craft beer by my father. Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse, Schofferhofer Hefeweizen and Paulaner Hefeweizen. Those were the first beers that pulled me into the realm of craft beer. Franziskaner is still one of my favourite beers.

I graduated from university a couple of years ago with a bachelors degree in Business Management. Like most twenty-one year-olds, I was clueless about my career. While all my friends were busy preparing for job interviews and higher education, I was too fascinated with the number of brewpubs the city had, and made it a point to visit each and every one of them and try as many beers as I could. I only preferred simple styles like Hefeweizens and Belgian Wits, and was never really a fan of IPAs.

Well, that was two years ago, and a lot has changed since then. I now enjoy a well-balanced IPA more than anything and absolutely love Belgian beers because of how simple, yet complex they are. Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to be part of India’s first Craft Beer Bootcamp – an intense two days involving brewing basics and beer appreciation, organised by Independence Brewing Company. These two years have taught me how important it is to try new beers with an open mind without preconception and misconception. One bad beer at a brewpub should not stop you from trying the other beers they offer, and not stick to a single single style and to open your horizons to the wide world of craft beer.

As for future plans, I would want to work at a brewpub and gain some insight into the world of commercial brewing. A Certified Brewmaster Course at VLB Berlin is on the cards. I would one day like to have my own brewpub.

The journey so far has been amazing and I can only see it getting better. With all the new brewpubs opening in the country offering various styles, there’s bound to be a style out there for everyone. Apart from my love for liquid bread, I build and fly radio controlled model airplanes and quadcopters, I love my rock music, play the tabla and enjoy cooking.

Looking forward to some hoppy times! Cheers!

Images Courtesy: Manish Mk

Welcome to the team Manish!

Manish and me at Arbor
Aditya The Cheesemaker, JJ and Manish – Hoppy Times

I’m really pleased I’ve got these guys helping me out and I too am looking forward to lots of Exciting, Hoppy & Frothy Times ahead!


JJ The Keg


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