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Tales Of Froth & HungryForever – Mini Series

In March 2016, we released a set of 3 videos on Beer that generated a total of 1.3 million views on Facebook.

Several people commented that it would be nice to see a video series on Craft Beer and Brewpubs. Such requests don’t fall on deaf ears. I recently had a meeting with one of the founders of  and discussed doing a mini series on Craft Beer.

We discussed a framework and agreed upon filming 4-5 short videos focused on Craft Beer and Bangalore’s Brewpub scene.

On May 23rd, we filmed episode 1 at the Biere club and the video was launched on the HungryForever website/social media channels on May 31st.

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Watch, Comment and Share these videos. Please let me and the team know what else you’d like to see!


JJ The Keg

Episode 1 – Craft Beer Basics

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Episode 2 – Craft Beer Basics continued…

We just wrapped up filming today, June 9th at Arbor Brewing Co. Episode 2 is now out. This episode covers the history of Arbor and a look into their Beers on tap and a little Craft Beer trivia.

We took your feedback and made sure this one was a bit more fun!

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