Hangover Remedies

The Hangover – It Happens To The Best Of Us!



Picture this:

It’s 7:00 pm on December 31st and you have just arrived at your friend’s house to help him go stock up on alcohol. This is probably one of the few times when you really let yourself go and the word “responsible” disappears from your vocabulary.

The next thing you know you are at the liquor store buying two cases of pocket friendly lagers to see you through the next 24 hours from when your party starts. Your plan is simple – pre-drink before you get to the bar, have a few more pints and some shots thrown in for good measure with your friends whilst ringing in the New Year and then at an after party till the sun comes up. The aftermath is something you don’t really want to think of. It might just spoil your mood.

Reality Check:

You already know that Jan 1st is going to be a tough day but you’ve done this a million times before and you know all the tricks of the trade or do you?

What makes you have  hangover?

When alcohol is metabolized after consumption, it gets converted to Acetaldehyde by your liver. A naturally occurring enzyme in the liver called Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH) then breaks down the Acetaldehyde to nontoxic Acetate. ADH gets severely suppressed when large quantities of alcohol are present in the body and cannot effectively break down the AcetaldehydeAcetaldehyde in higher concentrations causes symptoms such as headache, nausea and everything else associated with a hangover.


Possible next day remedies?

  • Hydrate – H2O – Alcohol is a diuretic and thus causes you to lose a lot of fluids. Water provides hydration and to help you flush toxins out of your system.
  • Sports Drinks – Loaded with Sugar and Electrolytes that replace salt and potassium lost.
  • Red Bull/Coffee – To jumpstart your body. (don’t over do it – this is just for emergencies)
  • Aspirin – To numb your pain and ease that headache.
  • Eat – food easy to digest to help your replace lost calories.
  • Sleep it off – the body’s natural healing method.
  • Drink Tomato Juice or better yet Bloody Marys/more alcohol – On second thought just have a Virgin Mary. More alcohol may seem to work at first but you’ll have a worse hangover to deal with later.
  • Wow to never drink again – We’ve all done that but really?

The truth is the methods over may work for you but there has to be a cure by now shouldn’t there?

Over the Counter Medication

There’s always a pill that can fix you but what do you opt for. There are a few choices in the marketplace here today here in India. One product in particular, Party Smart helps relieve some of your hangover symptoms, which is great but does not coat your liver or help it break down toxic Acetaldehyde.


Morning Fresh

Morning Fresh however is new on the market and works in a different manner. The product is a natural silk based protein that comes in 60 ml vials that have a 12 month shelf life. The product took 2 years of R&D and scientific research to develop, has been tested with pre-clinical trials and is FSSAI approved.


Perfectly safe with zero carbs and fat, is vegetarian and contains additional anti-oxidants and vitamins to boost liver health.

It is consumed as your last drink of the day and goes to work immediately helping your liver break down toxins from alcohol.



Here’s how it works:

  • Morning Fresh reactivates the ADH enzyme and helps it increase the metabolism rate of alcohol.
  • Helps the liver convert toxins to non toxic acetates/water/carbon dioxide.
  • The result is your liver is protected and the nasty hangover symptoms are reduced.

Here’s a video to explain everything we’ve discussed so far:

Personal Testing

The first real test I subjected Morning Fresh to was New Years Eve, 2015. After an extended period of drinking, I made sure I took Morning Fresh before I went to bed and woke up with a slight hangover but not as bad as I thought it would be.

I’ve been testing Morning Fresh for the past few months when I know limits will be crossed. Typically my weekly routine includes several outings that usually involve alcohol. I don’t advocate binge drinking and typically pace myself but accidents do happen.

When you are out drinking make sure you hydrate yourself in between drinks and pace yourself. Typically an Imperial Pint an hour (500ml) or 1 regular cocktail/drink is a good way to go about this. No matter how many drinks you consumer, never drink and drive and always respect the road!

Overall Impression

It works for anyone who drinks alcohol including Beer drinkers and it’s JJ The Keg Approved! 

Since I first tried Morning Fresh, I’ve had the fortune of meeting the co-founder, Mitali Tandon and Tarunjeet from her PR team. Both of them are energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic about this product and I truly hope Morning Fresh is a success in India.

L To R: JJ The Keg, Tarunjeet from the PR Team & Mitali Tandon (Co-founder – MF)

Where to Buy

Each vial costs Rs. 100 and is available in  3 different flavors – Mint, Cola & Strawberry and packaged as single vials or as a convenient weekend 3 pack.

You can buy the product online via their website, Amazon.com or find it at select outlets.



Morning Fresh Website – Click Here

Morning Fresh Facebook Page – Click Here 

All Images Courtesy: Morning Fresh & Tales Of Froth


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