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The Tales Of Froth Facebook Page was created shortly after this blog was launched to keep people updated about news, videos, events, blog posts and so forth. A lot of my photos from my Tales Of Froth Instagram Page are pushed to the FB page and the Tales Of Froth Twitter page., as well.


It’s amazing how much the page has grown since early 2015 and we’ve just crossed an important milestone on Facebook – 2,500 followers! Instagram is at almost at 1,800 followers and about 530 plus on Twitter.

If you haven’t already followed the Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages, please do!

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What do all the numbers mean? They aren’t just numbers, they are people like you and me who love Beer & Craft Beer who follow. I don’t believe in buying likes or click farms – what’s the point? This isn’t a race!

Tales Of Froth was launched to evangelize people across India about Beer & Craft Beer and to help build a community around Beer & Craft Beer. It is my hope that one day several more individuals and bloggers would learn about Beer and start writing/blogging about Beer.

Here are some answers to questions many of you have:

What makes you qualified to write about Beer?

I’ve been drinking Beer for 23 years now, Craft Beer for 18 years. That’s how my palate for Beer has developed. I served on Molson’s Consumer Panel for 3 years working with their marketing teams, taste testing new products and giving active feedback & most recently the last 2 years drinking Craft Beer here in India, spending time at Brewpubs with owners, brewers and homebrewers.

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If you’re new to Beer specifically Craft Beer, your palate will take a while to develop. It’s not going to happen overnight and you can quote me on that. Don’t waste time, start training  your palate now!

One does NOT need to be a Brewer to be able to write about Beer just like one does not need to be a Chef to be a food critic. Wine and Whiskey Sommeliers do not have to be a vintner or distiller and neither do Beer evangelists or sommeliers.

That being said, I understand the brewing process and have spent time brewing commercial batches at a few brewpubs across India.

I expect to get my Beer Sommelier/Judge certification within the next year.

Do you get free Beer?

The research for the blog and the year after that meant a hefty amount of money from my savings/earnings being used to drink Beer and write about it. Nobody sponsored me and as you all know Craft Beer is NOT cheap. It’s a premium product and I don’t stop at 1 pint. Do the math!

I pay my way and occasionally am asked by brands or brewpubs to sample new products. Don’t ask me to give you free beer please! I don’t own a brewery. If I do have extras to share, I usually do that with fellow beer enthusiasts and perhaps if you ask nicely, with you!

Do you make money from your blog?

No, the blog is not monetized. I earn money for hosting workshops and conducting events. If you’re interested in having me at your events, ask me for my rate card. I’ll be happy to send it to you.

I have branched out into consulting and mainstream publishing in the near future as an additional revenue stream.

For more information and my rate card, please use the Sign Up/Contact form.

What is your typical day like?

I spend almost the whole day on my phone and laptop answering emails, doing follow ups, composing social media posts, answering questions on various liquor groups on social media and planning future blog posts.

Writing takes a lot of time and effort. I don’t believe in churning out blog posts just for the sake of meeting a PR company’s deadlines. Each post needs to be structured and written well not gibberish with grammatical errors.

My posts are kept simple as I follow this principle – K.I.S.SKeep It Simple Stupid. I don’t believe in flowery descriptions or essays and Beer drinkers, we like keeping it real, direct and to the point.

Hows your liver and health in general?

Perfectly fine. I believe in pacing myself and never like going overboard but there have been exceptions.

I like playing it safe and keep myself hydrated and if I need to, I use products such as Morning Fresh to help me reduce my hangover symptoms.

If you’re wondering about my weight, over the last 39 years, I’ve never been skinny! You won’t find a six pack here because I have a Keg and that’s the way I like it. Cheers.

Do you have a girlfriend?

You’ll never find personal content on my social media pages. Here’s the deal – we need more women appreciating Beer & Craft Beer. Help me do that and I will date all those girls who you bring in! We’ll start a page featuring all the girls who love Beer! Cheers!

What can you expect in the months to come?

  • Beer Week Bangalore
  • More Events & Workshops as well as Beer Education options.
  • More Videos on Craft Beer and more B2C content.
  • B2B Content – The Business Side of things.
  • A Beer Magazine for India.

John Kaapi Stout Happy

To read more about me,  you can check out the About Me section on the blog.

Cheers & Stay Frothy!!!

JJ the Keg



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