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Brigge – The App For Like Minded People

A few weeks ago, I had the fortune of meeting two of the co-founders of Brigge (pronounced as Bridge) over a few Beers. Brigge is essentially a location based platform that brings like minded hobbyists together.

Co-founders Prasanna Jagannathan, Sampath Jagannathan and Murali Stagopan launched Brigge in Chennai and have a good user base with a good number of subscribers who have downloaded the app and created activities through it. Brigge is slowly spreading to other cities in India and Bangalore was chosen as the next city to launch.

What I discovered after talking to Prasanna was a story similar to mine – leaving a successful career in IT to create a platform he was passionate about. His journey across the US and stories about Craft Beer sampling and moving back to India, raising funds and the willingness to take a risk really struck a chord with me. It’s not about the revenue, it’s about building a community of passionate individuals. The revenue will follow in due course.

Their monetization plans include the ability to sell tickets for Brigge events in the near future. Once Brigge communities spring up across the country, there is no doubt in my mind that revenue generation will be part of their future  activities.

Murali, JJ & Prasanna at Regulars

Hobbyweek (August 26- September 04) was designed to facilitate Brigge’s launch here in Bangalore and the founders reached out to several subject matter experts to create interesting activities across the city.

There are literally thousands of activities and groups to choose from – everything from aerobics to cocktail classes to Beer!

Download the Brigge App for Android HERE

IOS users, you guys go ahead and do a Google search – haha.

We decided to jump on board and help host two Brigge activities, a Beer workshop and a small pub crawl. Both were scheduled for September 3rd and after few venue changes, we got the good folks at The Beer Cafe to help us out.

Beer Workshop/101




The Beer 101 session at The Beer Cafe was fun for us to host.  We had a nice small group that ensured more interaction and over the course of 2 hours not only did we get to teach people the basics about Beer but we got to hear about people’s individual beer experiences, parallels with artisanal coffee and even muck around with a the Spin Chill – a beer gadget from The Beer Cafe’s , Beerosphere range of products.


After we sampled a few Beers – Krombacher’s  Pilsner, Budweiser’s Magnum, Krombacher’s Hefeweizen and the Leffe Blonde Ale, it was time to head out to our next destination Toit.

A big shout out to the staff of The Beer Cafe for looking after us.

Crowd favorites:

Krombacher Pilsner

The Krombacher Pilsner is a straw colored lager with good carbonation, bready on the nose and the taste malt forward, hints of sweetness with light with a slight hoppy finish as expected from German Pilsners with Saaz Hops.

Image Courtesy: Krombacher.com


Leffe Blonde

Everyone fell in love with the Leffe Abbey Blonde Ale

Copper colored with hints of  caramel, cloves and vanilla on the nose and excellent head retention. The taste is malt forward medium to heavy bodied, sweet with a slight bitter finish.


Pub Crawl

We literally stumbled out of The Beer Cafe and headed to Toit to fill up on a few pints of Craft Beer and some much needed grub.

Toit is a brewpub I’ve been frequenting for the past 2 years and thankfully this time around, services levels were excellent as were the batches.

All of us enjoyed the sweet, banana filled Toit Bavarian Styled Hefeweizen, the Working Class Hero – malt forward English Mild Ale and our personal favorite the hoppy Colonial Toit (IPA) was tip top and as expected. Considering it was a Saturday night, we got our table quickly and the staff looked after us.

We just didn’t sit idle .By this time our group had warmed up quite nicely and we played a few round of charades before calling it a night, a night to remember!


Overall, this was a great experience and we look forward to hosting more events on the Brigge app. Well done Brigge team for bringing this to Bangalore – #HobbyWeek – Cheers!

You can find us on Brigge here – http://www.brigge.co/app/#!users/46839

Cheers to Brigge

JJ and the Ninja Manish from Tales Of Froth

All Images Courtesy: Brigge, Tales Of Froth or as noted.


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