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Ekta Is Ready For Launch


In our previous post, we talked about the story behind the Gurgaon’s first collaboration brew , the recipe and brew day.  You can find it HERE.

In case you’re wondering what the “C” word is, it stands for Collaboration.

The Concept (re-cap)

“For decades now there have been differences that have divided the North and the South ranging from physical distance to cultural diversity. There is no better time for unity than now as India is in the global spotlight. Craft Beer is rising in this nation and we feel it is time to showcase a Beer that bridges all cultural divides in India”

The Brews

  • For Quaff – Hibiscus Saison (300 L batch)
  • For Lagom – Pepper + Clove Saison (200 L batch)

Brew day was on August 6 & 7th in Gurgaon and the lads from the Bangalore Brew Crew flew up to Gurgaon to execute their recipes in collaboration with RJ Brewing Solutions at both brewpubs.

Naming Our Beer

This new beer was based of a Belgian farmhouse ale, a Saison but what connect does that have with India specifically the North and the South?

  • Farms – Haryana is known for its fields. Saisons were Beers made for farmhands and this represents the people of Gurgaon. The Deccan plateau isn’t well known for farms but we have plenty of arable land in the rest of South India.
Farmland in Haryana.
  • The Hibiscus flower – a flower that goes all over India and is of religious significance.
  • Peppers and Cloves – a staple of South Indian cooking but also used as a common spice in dishes across North India.




Our ingredients were a fit but what about coming up with a suitable name?

The concept was a Beer that symbolized unity and on doing some research on Sanskrit, Hindi & Kannada, I found out that the word for unity was essentially the same.






The choice was obvious – this collaboration brew would be called Ekta!

Ekta is not only a symbol of unity but also a tribute to the women in this country who together with their male counterparts make this country great. Jai Hind!


The Launch

Ekta has had plenty of time to condition – 6 weeks for both brews at Quaff & Lagom. During this period, fresh cloves were added to the brew at Lagom and more Hibiscus flowers added into the one at Quaff.


When: September 17th is when both these wonderful Beers that Gurgaon has never had before will be unveiled at a private event where you will get to meet the brewers, understand Saisons, sample them and participate in a Q&A session.

I have the privilege of hosting the launch with the support from the loyal folks from The Thirsty Monks.

Where: Quaff & Lagom – Gurgaon.

Quaff – Find them on Facebook HERE

Lagom – Find them on Facebook HERE

Stay tuned for Part III which will cover the launch & sampling notes. Until then, brush up on some Saison facts! (apologies if the creative below isn’t legible)

Cheers – JJ The Keg



 All Images Courtesy: Quaff, Lagom & Tales Of Froth






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