Ekta’s Launch

Our Collaboration Saison at Quaff & Lagom

After 4 months of planning, our idea to do a collaboration Craft Beer between Gurgaon and Bangalore that broke Gurgaon’s beer monotony and give the city a Beer style that nobody else had brewed finally came to pass. It was time to unveil Ekta to the public. Ekta means unity in both Kannada and Hindi/Sanskrit.

You can read about the concept came into being here ( Gurgaon’s First Collaboration Brew) and how the name came into being here (Ekta Is Ready For Launch)


September 17th was the day chosen to launch these beers at Quaff followed by another session at Lagom.

Tasting Notes

Before we get into details about the launch, let’s get the tasting notes over and done with shall we?

Ekta Hibiscus Saison at Quaff (now sold out)


Style: Belgian Style Saison infused with Hibiscus | 7% ABV


Gold/Amber colored ale with good carbonation and head retention.


Very slight hints of Hibiscus on the notes with hints of spice and fruits from the yeast.


This medium bodied ale is high in carbonation, slightly acidic (tartness from the Hibiscus), alcoholic, fruity (citrusy), spicy (peppery) with a grainy mouthfeel that is dry and low in bitterness. The overall product is refreshing.

Availability : Quaff, DLF Cyberhub, Gurgaon.  Now Sold Out!


This brew sold out in a week – the entire batch. You’ll have to wait till another batch is brewed. Sorry folks!

Please ensure you warm up the Saison to serving temperature to capture the entire flavor boquet: 10-12 Degrees C

Ekta Masala Saison at Lagom


Style: Belgian Style Saison infused with Black Pepper & Clove | 7% ABV


Light colored cloudy ale that is high in carbonation with a nice wispy head


Soothing aroma of cloves and pepper that compliments the esters and phenols from the Saison yeast that are spicy. A slight impression of alcohol is also present.


This medium bodied ale is high in carbonation, slightly acidic, alcoholic, fruity (citrusy), spicy (pepper) with a grainy mouthfeel that is dry and low in bitterness. The overall product is refreshing. The pepper may take some time to reveal its presence – you should be able to feel the heat in your throat or the back of your palate.

Please ensure you warm up the Saison to serving temperature to capture the entire flavor boquet: 10-12 Degrees C

Availability : Lagom , Sohna Road – Gurgaon, Now Sold Out!

This beer is still on tap but not for long. Head over and let us know what you think of it. Take your time and enjoy this brew – sip and savor every mouthful.

Update – This brew now sold out as of Sept 29th. The entire batch sold out ten days after launch.



The Launch at Quaff & Lagom


We had invited a small crowd consisting of people from the media, bloggers, alcobev writers and those connected with the brewing industry for Ekta’s launch.

Launches don’t need to be complicated and you focus on what’s important, keep it short and to the point. We did a brief Beer 101 session focusing on Saisons and the story behind Ekta followed by a guided sampling and official launch of this new beer.

Guests included those from The Thirsty Monks – Deepak Malhotra, Yogesh Magnon & Sumit Seth. The Thirsty Monks is a group with over 16,000 alcohol enthusiasts from Delhi/Gurgaon/NCR. It’s always wonderful to get support from like minded individuals.

Lifestyle bloggers Vikhram Vicky & Rosme Chaube also graced us with their presence.


There are a few great sports bar chains in India and Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill happens to be one of them. Rish Saini, Co-CEO and Director of Marketing  of Underdoggs is a big fan of Craft Beer and it was great to have him over for our session.

Ishan and JJ in the foreground. Rish, Anuj & Ishaan in the background.

Craft Beer is all about working together and is one big extended family. It was exciting to have Anuj Kushwah from Kaama Impex with us,  the man behind Witlinger. This is another Indian Craft Beer brand that had been previously only available on draft and is also available in two bottled variants – a lager and wheat ale both brewed in the UK. Thank you for sharing a few pints with us! The men from Gwalior from India’s first production Craft Brewery, White Rhino Brewing Co, were also present to support us – Ishan Puri, Arijit Ghosh & Raahi Nagarkoti. Cheers guys and we look forward to your German styled lager and Belgian Wit that is set to hit the shelves of Delhi & Gurgaon any day now.

Finally, the one and only Karina Aggarwal from Gigglewater411 and the legendary Magandeep Singh joined our little soiree as well. Tales Of Froth finally got to meet Gigglewater411. Thank you for the Hobgoblins and for coming!


Ishan with the White Rhino Brewing Co Team,  Magandeep Singh & Karina Aggarwal


Karina and John.jpg
GiggleWater411 meets Tales Of Froth

More photos from Quaff:



After Quaff, the party headed over to Lagom where we tried out the Ekta Masala Saison, talked to customers and got a bite to eat before heading over to Beer Enthusiast Amit Magoo’s house to have some bubbly and finish our evening. Thank you for all your kindness and hospitality Amit.


The Bangalore Brew Crew, RJ Brewing Solutions, Tales Of Froth & The Thirsty Monks together with Quaff & Lagom made this happen – Cheers to everyone involved & thank you Gurgaon for letting us do this. Please let us know how you liked these new Beers!

Update – The fact that both Beers have sold out in 7-10 days after launch indicates that the drinking public liked them. This is encouraging considering the fact that we did not know how Gurgaon’s palate would react to this style of Craft Beer.

Collaborations work and they help build the Craft Beer community in this country.


JJ the Keg

All Images Courtesy: RJ Brewing Solutions, Quaff, Lagom & Tales Of Froth


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