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If you’re like me and go out at least a few times a week, loyalty programs are always a welcome relief. They also give you a sense of accomplishment – it’s rewarding know  you’ve saved some of your hard earned money whilst still enjoying life. There are hundreds of programs out there that offer you “deals” but they always seem to come pre-packaged with hundreds of conditions that can seem rather confusing.

Being a firm believer in keeping things simple (the KISS principle), a loyalty program that is simple to use makes sense. I first met up with some of the founders of TreatCard sometime last year at a house party and we’ve become good friends since then and I’ve watched their network grow and we finally decided to team up.

If you’re in a hurry to know what it does – just remember TreatCard gives you up to 50% off or a 1+1 on items at several bars & restaurants across the city and it’s valid at all times at participating venues. (read the fine print) Getting your card is not a huge investment and if you use it wisely, you’ll easily see the ROI immediately. Details on how to get your TreatCard can be found at the bottom of this post (hint – there’s a deal in it for all loyal Tales Of Froth fans).

My TreatCard was delivered in person recently and I must say they’ve done a good job with packaging – purple gives you that royal feeling doesn’t it?


Inside the box, you’ll find a leaflet with instructions and your card with your number with your name printed on the back of it.

Treat Card How It Works.jpg

Log on to to find out where you can use Treat Card. You can use it at over 50 participating restaurants & bars dotted across the city including several bars, a few brewpubs and restaurants across the city.

Participating Venues :

How much can you save?

Here’s an example of the deal you get at Big Brewsky.

Big Brewsky Example.PNG

If you’re like me and love your Craft Beer, then offer number 2 works and you can share your 1+1 with a buddy or that special someone. Valid anytime from Monday to Thursday which is simply means Happy Hours all the time!

Big Brewsky is quite far from the Tales Of Froth HQ but this deal means I can go visit during the week, not worry too much about the traffic, chat with the brewers, check out their brewhouse expansion project, enjoy a few beers and share them with Manish The Ninja, as well. Now that works!

So on paper that sounds great but you want some raw numbers to back up this up?

amaseena discount.jpg

Now that you know how it works, let’s find out about the brains behind Treat Card and where this company is headed.

The Treat Card Story


I sat down with two of the co-founders of Treat Card and asked them a few questions about the company and how this card works.

1) Who are the brains behind Treat Card?

Treatcard was the brainchild of Ahmed Sagar Edathodu, a UK-based Cambridge graduate who has been part of numerous start-ups in Europe and India. But if Ahmed is the spark that started Treatcard, his sister Aysha Sanam is the life-blood that runs it and makes it the company it is today.

Quitting her high-profile job at PWC, she has taken the reigns as chief operating officer at Treatcard, winning the trust of Bangalore’s most exclusive restaurants and ensuring that every Treatcard reaches its happy user in style.

Speaking of style, our final founding member, Shezah Salam is a copywriter-cum-designer who has made it her personal mission to make Treatcard look good in everything it does.   Shezah currently works as a copywriter  in Capital FM London . Her last job was as a Copywriter at one of Bangalore’s top advertising agencies, writing for brands like Dell, Britannia, Fortis and others before moving to London.

2) How and when did the idea of Treatcard happen?

Treatcard started when Aysha and Ahmed, both die-hard foodies, expressed a simple wish: Wouldn’t it be great if we could afford to  dine out everyday?

Soon we realized restaurant owners were thinking the same thing. While Bangalore is buzzing on weekends, diners are scarce between Mondays to Thursdays. A raw deal when you consider that you’re still paying the same overheads for this period. That’s where Treatcard comes in.

It means more savings for our diners, and more diners for our restaurants. Treatcard was initially a food only card with offers from Monday to Thursday. Taking into account feedback from a pilot of 100 users, Aysha realized the need was not only for a food only card but also a food and beverage card. Treatcard is now a Food and Beverage card that is valid all day, all week in most of our participating  restaurants.

3) How did you go from concept to execution to launch?

Well naturally the first thing we needed to do was get restaurants on board with our new idea. We were extremely selective with our choice of restaurants. Many venues offered us a smaller discount but we refused as one thing we knew was that for our diners to get REAL value from Treatcard, it had to be 50% off EVERY time they used it. Now we have over 52 of the best restaurants in Bangalore – including Le Meridien,  Humming Tree,  Tao Terrace, Biere Club, Fava and many others.

Once restaurants were on board, setting up the website and getting the word out to consumers became the next phase. We started going out to events to promote Treatcard which is where we get the best response from the public. Our current users love Treatcard and a recent feedback showed 97% of  our users love treatcard and some of them use it as an “everyday card”.

4) What is your USP ?

We like to think that Treatcard is in a funny place in the food chain where it has both many competitors and no competitors at the same time. There are obviously many players working in the discount card space but with Treatcard, we consistently offer customers the same amazing discount – 50% off – no matter when in the year they go and no matter which of our restaurants they go to. This is a very unique offer in Bangalore, so we’re confident of finding our niche here.

5) How is Treatcard different from other loyalty cards?

  • Treatcard is the only card in India, that gives its users 50% offers.
  • Treatcard does not have time restrictions. Offers are valid all day and all night (closing time) .
  • There is no minimum order with Treatcard. For example, you can eat only french fries and still enjoy the benefits of Treatcard.
  • You can use any number of Treatcards per visit to any of our venues and any number of cards on one table. You can avail 50% off and your friends can also avail 50% off at the same time.
  • You can use your Treatcard as many times in a day or a year.


6)  What can we expect next?

Treatcard team has been busy working on an App for our users.  The App is in the final stages and will be launched soon. The App will enable Treatcard customers to look at our partner venues and offers  with just a click away and will help them  plan their day better for dining out.  We are also  working on an exclusive exciting section on the App for our users.

7)  What are your expansion plans?

With the overwhelming response we have had in Bangalore, we definitely have plans to expand to other cities and we are targeting some for this year.

8)  What have been/are some of the biggest challenges?

We have had, as any start-up would, a number of challenges along the way and we’ve learnt a lot from overcoming them. They have varied, from cash flow to HR, and in varying intensities. But our biggest asset has been the ability to work together, cohesively towards a common goal as a team and complement each other’s core strengths.

9) Treatcard FAQ’s:

We certainly wish the folks at TreatCard much success and you’ll see more posts of us using the card going forward.

Cheers – JJ The Keg

Treatcard Membership

Normally, membership costs Rs.3,000 but we’ve got an offer for all Tales Of Froth’s fans. (If you feel like buying us a few Beers, this will work out to be an economical option – hint hint..)

Treat Card Tales Of Froth Partnership .png

Your one year Treatcard membership includes:

  • 50% off or Buy 1 Get 1 Free on selected food and drinks options at participating Treatcard Restaurants.
  • Extended happy hours at specific Treatcard restaurants.
  • Fabulous half-price dining options for every day of the week.
  • 50% off on future Treatcard restaurants included during your membership period


Treat Card Facebook Page – Click Here

Treat Card Application (*Update – October 11th, 2016*)

The Treatcard App is finally here – currently available on Andorid with the IOS version being released later.

The App shows you Treatcard partner venues in and around your location, as well as current offers. Your Treatcard is virtual so you don’t have to panic if you’ve forgotten your physical card.

Treat Card Application on Google Play – Click Here



All Images Courtesy: TreatCard & Tales Of Froth


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