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3 Brewpubs To Hit This Long Weekend


It really is the season to celebrate and add some light into your lives. Diwali is upon us and before you know it Christmas & New Year will be here. If you’ve got family or you’re one of those people still swiping on Tinder and don’t have much to do this long weekend, never fear. We have just the plan for you to ensure you get a full dose of Frothy goodness.

Bangalore’s traffic is horrid – no arguments here but what if you could plan a nice DIY Craft Beer crawl solo, with family or with friends. Sort out a designated driver or take public traffic for starters. Let someone else do the driving!

Two of the best brewpubs in the city are literally worlds apart – Windmills Craftworks & District 6. Cover both of them with a short pit stop at a brewpub that deserves a lot more attention than it gets – 3 Monkeys Brewpub.

DIY Crawl Planning

Driving Duration: 1h 30 Mins (not including time spent drinking in between)

Suggested Route  (courtesy Google Maps) :


Start – Windmills Craftworks | Whitefield 

Beer Sampler

Windmills has been consistently excellent – Beers, Food, Service & Ambiance, which is why we call it “The Ritz Carlton of Brewpubs” in Bangalore. Soak in some soothing jazz and here’s what to order:


Windmills IPA 

Start your journey with one of the best India Pale Ales (IPA) in town that has the complete aroma and flavor bouquet and sits at around the 45-50 IBU range (medium bitterness). With 4 different hops added for bittering, flavor, aroma and dry hopping you get boat loads of pine, resinous & citrus notes on the nose and palate perfectly balanced with the sweetness from the malts used. Light to medium bodied with a pleasant bitter finish.

Food Pairing – Pair this with the Cheese Burger and if you’re  there at the right time, ask for the Cheese Burger Business Lunch special. The lunch special comes with a soup of the day, bread, a salad, your burger and fries.

Why an IPA? Malty, sweet, plus piney hops, citrusy, and the bitterness is strong enough to cut through the fat and cleans your palate  in between bites. Try it!

Windmills Burger.jpeg

Alternative Brews – If you don’t like IPAs, then try the light Blonde Ale & the Hefeweizen. The smoked Vienna lager would have probably sold out by the time you read this post but you can still ask for it.


Give yourself a pat on the back, burp, have a glass of water and head out of the door. You’ve still got 2 more brewpubs to cover!

Windmills Craftworks – Find them on Zomato HERE 

Intermediate Stop – 3 Monkeys Brewpub


After navigating that traffic on the road and cutting through the crowds in the mall, you arrive to see this trippy brewpub. Focus – you’re here for the Beers and prepare to get blown away! Let’s get to it:


3 Monkeys Hybrid Weizenbock/Tripel

The best hybrid German Weizenbock/Belgian Tripel in town – ballsy and not meant for Wussies! If you want barnyard funk on the nose and bold spicy/fruity components from the Belgian Yeast used, coupled with a malty, sweetish profile, this is the Beer for you.

At 8% ABV, this brew will knock your socks off. Order another pint only if you can handle or better yet try this for dessert:

3 Monkeys Cream Stout

One of the best Cream Stouts using Beer Gas (Nitrogen/Carbon Dioxide blend) for dispensing. The results are phenomenal and this easily compares to a Guinness, Murphy’s or Toit’s Black Knight.

When the Cream Stout you try is like artwork on your palate, this happens. The texture on your tongue – smooth, velvety and creamy rich with aromas of dark chocolate and subtle hints of coffee that translate into bitterness on the finish.

6% ABV – quite robust indeed and medium bodied.

3 Monkeys Brewpub – Find them on Zomato HERE

End – District 6


District 6 is a hidden gem and along with Windmills, a preimum experience when it comes to the quality of Beer, Food, Serice & Ambiance. This is Bangalore’s only authentic German brewpub that follows the Reinheitsgebot (the German purity law) by using the best German brewing equipment, German malt and a German trained brewmaster. The brewhouse quality is monitered by techincians in German. This is one of the most impressive brewpub set ups in town with the brewhouse taking center stage.

They won last year’s Times Food Award for best brewpub in the city and rightly so.


District 6 Marzen – Oktoberfest Special

The first batch of their Oktobefest Special Marzen lager sold out in no time and batch number two is now on tap.  Brewed with German Pilsner, Munich and Caramunich malts, this rich malt forward amber/copper colored lager is well carbonated, slightly sweet,light bodied and has a very mild bitter Noble hop finish. It’s easy drinking and pairs very well with their Okotberfest food menu.

Food Pairing – District 6 is the only brewpub in Bangalore offering Malt based bread. Barley and Wheat Malt is used to prepare the dough and one of the varieties is also made using on of the D6 Beers.


To top it off, these wholesome slices of bread filled with malty goodness are served with 3 delicious dips – beer butter, pesto and traditional German mustard. If you’re adventerous, spread all 3 on your slice.

For your next course, try their Oktoberfest special suasages (pork or chicken) served on a bed of Sauerkraut and a side of potatoes. If you’re still hungry try, their selection of malt based pizzas and wash these down with a few more pints of Marzen. May we suggest the Radler to finish? It’s a mix of lemonade and Beer and is light, citrusy and refreshing.

Alternative Brews– Try the new Weizenbock that is on tap . A stronger amped up version of a dunkel weizen which is very different to the Weizenbock at 3 Monkeys. The darker grain bill simply means more roasty, caramel and nutty flavors with a slightly heavier body, low hop bitterness and surprisingly easy to drink.


District 6 – Find them on Zomato HERE

Congratulations, you’ve done it – 3 brewpubs from East to West. Pat yourself on the back! For more information on all of Bangalore’s Brew Pubs, please check out our regularly updated post > Bangalore Brewpubs

Let us know how you liked the Beers and what else you’d like to see on Tales Of Froth.

Cheers and Stay Frothy!

JJ The Keg

All Images Courtesy: Tales Of Froth


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