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The Magical Connection Between Malt & Dough


The beauty about lagers is that they pair wonderfully well with Pizzas and who cares if it’s 3 pm on a Friday afternoon?

There’s an actual science behind pairing a Pizza with a Beer. It’s always nice when you have a selection of specialty Beers to choose from but given that you can only find a great selection of styles in a local brewpub, you just have to make do at your local pub/bar.

All Bout The Base operates out of the Easy Tiger premises in Koramangala and they invited me over to try out a few pizzas made for one of their photo shoots recently.


The Pies

We ended up trying the Mushroom, Pepperoni, Pesto Chicken, Jamaican, Minced Beef and the fully loaded Meat lovers pizza too.

That’s a lot of dough – yes it is hence the need to wash it down with a few ice cold lagers or a specialty ale. Back to the business of dough, our absolute favorite was the Rastafarian (Jamaican) – that all spice just gives takes pizzas to the next level. The classic pepperoni you cannot go wrong with neither can you with the Beef or fully loaded meat version.

Our least favorite was the Pesto – not bad by any means but with we liked the other pizzas just a little bit better.

There are several more different toppings to choose from in the veg/non-veg category, so please do experiment.

The specialty here is the dough and it really is about the base, which is crispy (not overly so) and makes these thin crust pies better with each bite.

The packaging is unique – simple black and white colors and the pricing will not burn a hole in your pocket. Sure, you can opt for one of the pizza chains but why would you when you can sit at this parlor, have a pie and a Beer at the same time.

Pricing – Whole Pies Ranges from Rs. 260-420 plus tax.  If you’re by yourself or just not that hungry, you can buy Pizza by the slice. Prices/Slice range from Rs. 70-110 before taxes.

Beer Selection (Bottles Only)


Suggested Pairings


  • Mushroom – Any Lager
  • Pepperoni – Any Lager
  • Pesto – Any Lager
  • Jamaican – Hoegaarden 
  • Minced Beef – Any Lager
  • Meat Lovers – Any Lager
  • Seafood Pizza – Hoegaarden

If Leffe was available, that would have really spiced up the pairings but you’ll have to make do with these Beer pairings and keep your fingers crossed that we get bottled Craft Beer or at least Craft Beer kegged from a local microbrewery. That would be a game changer.

Considering the pricing of both the pizzas and beer, this is great value for money and if pizza isn’t your thing (God forbid), there is plenty of typical pub fare to rumage through.

Cheers and Stay Frothy!

JJ The Keg & The Ninja

Easy Tiger/All Bout The Base


897/B, First Floor, Near Indoor Stadium, 80 Feet Peripheral Road, Koramangala 6th Block, Bangalore


080 41653300
080 41643300

Easy Tiger Facebook Page – Click HERE

All Bout The Base Facebook Page – Click HERE

All Images Courtesy: Easy Tiger, All Bout The Base, The Internet & Tales Of Froth

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