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If there’s one thing I miss doing regularly, it’s grilling meat on a BBQ and having a couple of Beers along with it. That’s something I regularly did during my time in the US and Canada, as much as possible.

There’s a massive difference between using a pan over a stove and a real grill. That char from the coal gives your meat so much flavor and being outdoors during an afternoon throwing back a few cold ones whilst tending to your grill is just priceless.

I’ve found a way to make those memories a reality with the help of the folks from Open Out.


What does Open Out do?

OpenOut is an exciting new way to redefine social lives as well as spaces. It is a place where you can find beautiful at-home events, hosted by real hosts, at their place!
An invite and reference only platform, it not only allows people to find a nice place to go out to, but also enables an environment where great conversations with new people flow freely.


The Event


It all goes down on Saturday, Nov the 5th from 4-7pm at a rooftop in Kumara Park West. This is a small, exclusive gathering for up to 15 people. Smaller groups make for a better experience.


We’ve teamed up with Licious for meat and we’ve got Kingfisher Beer and you’ll be learning a few things about Beer from us, as well as trying out a few neat things with it!

Licious – these guys need no introduction. They simply are the best at delivering fresh, high quality meat products on demand that are never frozen

The Licious team has set their eyes on just one mission – ‘putting a smile on your face by giving you nothing but the best, from farm to fork! The brand gives you access to fresh, high quality, premium meat, whenever you want it.

Kingfisher Ultra is to me the equivalent of Corona. Golden in color, high carbonation with hints of malt and corn on the nose. On the palate, clean, crisp, light bodied, malty with hints of adjuncts/corn and a very slight grassy bitter finish from the hops.



The Venue

A private villa with a covered rooftop is where this little soiree takes place. You have to see this place to believe it.

Open Out House.jpg

Sign Up


Date: Saturday, Nov 5th, 2016

Time: 4pm-7pm

Location: Kumar Park West (The address will be disclosed to confirmed guests)

Pricing: Rs. 1,150/Person (All Inc)

Booking: Message Open Out via the Facebook Event link to secure your spot:


Cheers & See you There!

JJ The Keg

All Images Courtesy: Open Out, Licious, Kingfisher & Tales Of Froth


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