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Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of  year when it really is the season to be jolly – Diwali, Christmas & New Year are right around the corner. If you are alone at home reading this, start running around in circles and let out a big scream (to help you get into the festive spirit – you can thank us later).

Besides all the events, parties and opportunities to make merry, it is also a time for sharing with friends and family. Call us one track minded but we love spreading Frothy goodness around and for good reason.

Personally, finding the right gifts for people is a big pain in the wahoo (behind). The choices can be inundating. Shopping for others is probably your least favorite activity I’m guessing. The solution is simple and can be found in one convenient place – the internet!

The Beer Cafe recently launched its line of Beer themed BeerOsphere products on their new portal www.beerosphere.com

Beerosphere page.PNG

The collection includes Beer themed glassware, gadgets, home decor, gift hampers, mobile cases and more.

I was privileged to get to test out a few of these nifty gadgets and here are is my review on a few my favorites from the BeerOSphere range.

JJ The Keg’s Recommendations

1. Bottle Caps Collector


Price: Rs. 295*

The more Beers you try, the more bottle caps you tend to collect and rightly so. Bottle caps are great collectibles and you can display them in various ways but this bottle shaped collector does a beautiful job in showcasing your Beery conquests.

Fits 47 bottle caps. Installing the caps is easy but do this carefully and don’t worry if the caps have end up with labels at odd angles – that’s just makes it look even better. I’m 6 bottle caps away from filling up my first one and will be ordering another one soon.

2. Spin Chill


Price: Rs. 2,990*

Now I know what you’re thinking – what on earth is that thing?

There have been many times when I have had my stock of beers in my store room and not in the fridge and guests have arrived unannounced. I’m usually apologizing that I don’t have any cold Beer and waiting for a beer to chill in the freezer even with the damp paper towel trick or dunking a beer in a salt water bath just takes too long and is frustrating.

The Spin Chill is a quick fix and takes anywhere from a minute to 5 minute to chill cans, bottles and even wine bottles – YES you heard right. The adapter takes beer bottles, cans and wine bottles.



It took me about 5 minutes to get this bottle down to drinking temperature for a lager (the 4-8 degree range). That’s still better than dealing with wet tissue and waiting forever for the freezer to get the job done.


  • If you don’t have lots of ice available, prepare an ice bath – fill all your ice into a bucket and fill the rest of it with water.
  • You don’t have to keep holding the spin chill and can rest the device whilst operational on the side of the bucket – perfectly safe.

How It Works

The device spins a beer can and thanks to convection warm beer in the middle is forced to the outer walls that are in contact with ice. This helps it cool a lot faster than if the Beer was just sitting in an ice bucket or freezer.

Spinning doesn’t create nucleation sites within the container. This simply means the liquid will not fizz on opening and you don’t have to worry about bottle bombs!


3. Sonic Foamer

Enjoy The Froth.jpg

Price: Rs. 3,750*

Flat Beer is the worst problem to have. A proper head helps bring out all the aromatics in a beer and just makes a Beer taste so much better. How do you bring a flat beer to life?

The Sonic Beer Foamer has to be the coolest gadget I’ve seen so far and it works!



The device works wonderfully well and brings flat beer to life and it’s portable. I’ve had flat beers at brewpubs and I think this device may just solve that trick (maybe).


  • Make sure you put two teaspoons of water on the base plate of the device.
  • Use a glass with as thin of a bottom as you can find – imperial pint glasses work well. Avoid using stemmed glasses.
  • Make sure your glass is 3/4 full or less. The Foamer will build a significant amount of head and you don’t want spills.
  • The warmer the beer, the more volume of head.
  • If you use the foamer too many times on a beer, you may run the risk of causing the beer to go flat as each press releases Co2 from within the beer.

How It Works


A pulse of Ultrasonic waves generated by the Sonic Foamer helps bring out the carbonation in your flat beer. Simple science saves the day. The popular  “Fizzics” system from the US that gives you a perfect pour also operates on the same principle.

4. Other Great Gifts


Glassware make great gifts for others and great for your own personal collection. There’s a new collection of glassware.

It’s October – the month of Beer, so my personal recommendations are:

  • The Full Trophy 1 Liter Stein (Maskrug) that retails for Rs. 745. Don’t complain about cenosillicaphobia (fear of an empty glass) after filling this monster up!


  • The Hoptical Illusion retails for Rs. 790. That’s one good looking glass – keep it filled, admire it and when the beer seems to go flat, zap it with the Sonic Foamer!

Hoptical Illusion.PNG

Gift Hampers (Delhi/NCR Only)

Gift Baskets BeerOSphere.jpg

A variety of gift baskets with Beer goodies, glassware and assorted snacks and non-alcoholic Beers are available for consumers in Delhi/NCR.

Pricing ranges from Rs. 1,499-2,499.

How To Order

Place your orders directly on the BeerOSphere website:


Payment Options

  • Cash On Delivery
  • CreditCards
  • Debit Cards


  • *Orders over Rs. 1,000 get free shipping across India.
  • *Orders under Rs. 1,000 are charged Rs. 50 for shipping.

Go on treat yourself and your friends some great Beer goodies from the collection and if you feel generous, send some my way! All donations welcome!

Hope you enjoyed the post and the videos. Don’t forget to follow the Tales Of Froth social media channels and the new You Tube channel and share this post.

Cheers and Stay Frothy!

JJ The Keg

All Images Courtesy: The Beer Cafe & Tales Of Froth


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