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Goa Comes To Bangalore


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Cafe Mojo was set up in Goa in 2012 to be India’s first EBeer pub whilst being a traditional English style pub with a Goan twist. Since then, they have opened outlets in Mumbai and Mangalore and now Cafe Mojo comes to Bangalore.



You pay by what you actually drink and not by the glass. Each table has its own tap system and the fun part is you get to pour your own Beer! The system maintains proper temperature for a lager – (4-7 Deg centigrade). Don’t forget the 2 fingers or an inch of Froth for that perfect pour every single time. Find out how to do that HERE.

Here’s a little sneak peak at the interiors. Cafe Mojo officially opens its doors on November 26th.





There’s an exclusive launch party on the 25th and Tales Of Froth in partnership with Cafe Mojo is running a 3 day contest where we will select 3 winners who will get to attend the launch and share a few beers with us!

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Follow the Tales Of Froth Facebook Page – HERE or Follow the Tales Of Froth Instagram Page – HERE
  2. Follow the Cafe Mojo Bengaluru Facebook Page – HERE
  3. Look for the Cafe Mojo contest question of the day.
  4. Answer the question and tag your friends.
  5. Winners will be announced daily.


Questions will be posted by 10:30am each day during the contest period (Tue Nov 22, Wed Nov 23, Thu Nov24). Answers must be received by 09:00 pm daily to qualify. One winner is selected per day and all 3  lucky winners will get to attend the grand launch party on Friday, Nov 25th (yes there’s FREE Beer included).

Good Luck and as always Cheers & Stay Frothy!

JJ The Keg

All Images Courtesy: Cafe Mojo & Tales Of Froth unless otherwise specified

Question Number 1:




Question Number 2:


Question Number 3:



Day 1 – Rajat Kumar, Waizah Khan & Mitch Dudani

Day 2 – Deepak Menon, Kabeelan A, Madhan M.

Day 3 – Nanveet Thimappa, Ipsita Duttagupta, Karthik Singh

Congratulations to all the winners!

Stay tuned to the Tales Of Froth pages for more contents!

All Images Courtesy: Cafe Mojo & Tales Of Froth


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