6 New Craft Beers For The Weekend

3 Brewpubs, 6 Craft Beers To Indulge In


So I get asked this question a lot, “What’s your favorite brewpub in Bangalore?” That’s a really tough question to answer as there are so many variables to consider but the most important ones would be quality, over all flavor and batch consistency.

There are a handful of brewpubs out of the 25+ that do a good job in doing all of the above but this is a tough country to brew in and everything from weather to quality of raw materials can have an impact on each batch. Some brewpubs do justice to a particular style better than the rest. So in my personal opinion there isn’t just one best brewpub in the city, there are a few that qualify.

For a complete listing of Bangalore Brewpubs and detailed notes on those making decent Craft Beer, please check out that blog post HERE.

Typically, I am shuttling between a few brewpubs in a week and there’s always good Beer to be found and besides just sharing photos on Instagram with tasting notes, a proper blog post is the way to go.

In the past 2 weeks, here are 6 Beers that made an impression on us (my fellow beer enthusiasts and me):

Brewsky | JP Nagar

Brewsky is a bit far off for me to get to but every time I make the pilgrimage there are not just good brews but great brews to be savored and it’s no wonder that the people chose Brewsky as the recipient of the Times Food & Nightlife Award for the Best Microbrewery in Bangalore. Well deserved.

L to R – American Amber, IPA, Smoked Stout

1. American Amber Ale – One of my favorite styles – malty with caramel notes balanced with a nice dose of piney/resinous hop bitterness in the finish. The proof is in the pudding – amazing lacing! This is as close as you can get to one of my favorite Pale Ales – From Michigan – Bells’ Brewery’s Two Hearted Ale.


2.  IPA – All the right citrus notes from the hops but well balanced bitterness that doesn’t go overboard on IBU. Brewsky IPA’s are typically 60 IBU or lower.

A very well made IPA that could be a session beer if you choose it to be.
3. Smoked stout – A wholesome stout with roasty goodness & dark chocolate  that is full bodied with the beachwood smoked malt exhibiting bacon like notes. It’s what you get if you cross a Rauchbier with a Stout – The perfect pair! .

If you don’t like these brews, there is still a Belgian Wit (infused with Mosambi peels) and a classic German Hefeweizen on tap.

Find Them on Facebook HERE

Windmills Craftworks | Whitefield

Windmills never disappoints but getting there is quite a task and the jokes about getting a visa to go there and a flight to say Mumbai being faster are true! If you can be patient and sacrifice a few hours in a car/taxi and navigate your way through the maddening traffic, this oasis in Whitefield is truly worth its weight in gold (see below).


4. Smoked Weizen – Two amazing German styles ( Hefeweizen & Rauchbier) married to form a delightful brew that is dominated by bacon/smoked beechwood on the nose with a hint of fruity esters and phenols from the Hefeweizen yeast.

On the palate the sweetness and fruitiness of the brew is followed by a lingering smoky bacon like finish. Low on bitterness and extremely sessionable.


5. Hefeweizen – The new Hefe batch at Windmills is a good one. Besides the typical banana esters and spicy clove phenol aromas, you get a burst of bubblegum fruitiness which takes this beer to a whole new level.

The extra fruitiness combined with the sweetness of the wheat in the grain bill and low bitterness makes this beer extremely refreshing and sessionable. In other words, it’s delicious and you won’t stop at just one pint.

If these don’t float your boat, you’ve got the classic Windmills IPA, Golden Ale and Stout to choose from.

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Biergarten Brewery & Kitchen | Whitefield

Having recently just put their beers on tap, this brewpub has had a few teething issues which they have ironed out and the subsequent batches are better and Beer number 4 is finally on tap.


5. Amber Bock (Lager) – Amber /Light copper colored colored (that’s a given), medium bodied at 6% ABV. As expected this malt forward Beer is full of toffee and caramel notes, slightly sweet, low in bitterness and well rounded. Carbonation and head retention are medium.
Despite being a bock, this Beer is easy drinking and hence sessionable. A slightly higher hop profile would have been a bonus but these beers are definitely tweaked for Indian palate.

Other Beers on tap – Hefeweizen and the Dunkel Lager. The regular Lager is still conditioning. Good to see this new Brewpub busy and their batches improving.

Find them on Facebook HERE

All Images Courtesy: Tales Of Froth & the Internet. 

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