DVKSP Craft Brewing Workshop

Bringing The Brewing Community Closer

Craft Beer isn’t just another product, it’s a culture and a community made up of consumers, enthusiasts, owners & brewers.

India’s nascent Craft Beer culture certainly needs plenty of care and attention to help grow this movement the right way. Education and awareness are two methods that can facilitate this. Everyone involved in Craft Beer needs to work together to help make this so, as well.

GBC India Craft Beer Growth Estimate
Data Courtesy: Gateway Brewing Co.

Craft Beer’s CAGR has been 1000% with over 80 microbreweries now established as of 2016. This sector is mushrooming and hence this is the right time to ensure future growth is done in the right manner with a focus on awareness, quality, consistency and integrity.

Brewpub’s are in fact mini production breweries – quality raw materials are turned into quality brews under the hands of expert brewers. Whilst brewing Craft Beer has taken place recently nearly over the past decade, Craft Brewers in the US for instance have been brewing for a good 40 odd years and countries such as Belgium (a modern day Beer Mecca) have been brewing for thousands of years perfecting a multitude of complex beers that one should aptly call masterpieces.

Our young Indian brewers have much to learn about Craft Beer and hence seminars or workshops that facilitate knowledge transfer are much needed. Since not everyone has the resources to train abroad, local workshops are of great help.

DVKSP Impex Pvt. Ltd

Brewing supplier DVKSP Impex Pvt. Ltd, headquartered out of Gujarat supplies raw materials to Craft breweries across the country. DVKSP has several state of the art climate controlled warehouses dotted across India – Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra & Haryana with plans to add more locations in West Bengal, Punjab and some of the North Eastern States of the country. They also plan to bring in a slew of brewing ingredients previously not available in India.

DVKSP also has a warehouse in Europe and regional offices in Europe, Canada and the USA. The company also exports hops from Slovenia to the rest of the world.

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To Order DVKSP products:

EMAIL: SALES@DVKSP.COM | PHONE: +91-079-40088447


Product Protfolio

DVKSP’s  current product portfolio includes:


Some of the best Beers in the world come from Belgium and thus it comes as no surprise that the oldest malting company in Belgium supplies over 70 types of base and specialty malts to over 1,600 brewers spread over 116 countries around the world.

The company supplies uses modern technology to ensure their caramelized and roasted malts have more flavor and aroma, a higher caramelization rate coupled with less bitterness/less astringency for darker roasted malts.

Not only does Castle supply malts but they also provide spices, specialty sugars, hops and if required brewing services – technical support, malt analysis, recipe creation & setting up training workshops & seminars.

It’s interesting to note that Castle is certified as GMO Free and the company is eco friendly using a variety of measures from energy saving to recycling waste to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

A handy Brew Malt app available for Android and IOS helps you keep track of their latest product news, place orders, manage invoices and of course brewing tips, calculators, recipes and general beer knowledge.

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BrewMalt -More Info> HERE

  • Alpine Hops – Hops from North America, Europe & New Zealand.


DVSKP sources hops from all over the world has a brand called Alpine Hops that exports Slovenian & German hops ( including a selection of Noble hops) to North American and the rest of the world.


Website – Click HERE


Fermentis is a business unit of “LeSaffre” – a leader in yeast and yeast products, was formed in 2003 to cater to the needs of the beer, wine and spirits manufacturers.

Fermentis leads the way in R&D with over 150 scientists helping develop new breakthroughs for yeast and yeast products.


Their Craft Beer division focuses on producing dry yeast strains specifically for microbreweries that are easy to pitch and manage saving the brewing team from additional worry about yeast health. Frementis yeast is ready to pitch, yeast hydration is a simple procedure. Using this yeast allows for fermentation consistency which is great when brewers are focused on quality and consistency between batches.

There are several different strains available from lager yeast (Saflager) to ale yeast (Safale) and specialty ale yeast (Safbrew) each with their own attenuation, flavor profile, alcohol tolerance, flocculation, reliability and working temperature range characteristics.

In India, Feremntis is distribued by Catalysts Bio Techonoligies Pvt. Ltdwww.thecatalystsgroup.com

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Bright Brewers Yeast from Canada believe in selecting breeding to produce yeast strains that do not produce H2S at any stage during fermentation. H2S is an unwanted off flavor that is typically a bi-product of ferementation.

The company will be launching 3 strains of yeast in 2017 – Saison, Aromatic Ale & Saiseweizen.


All of their yeast strains have excellent qualities:

  • Saison – 80-85% Attenuation, Medium Flocculation, Working Range : 17-22 Deg C, High Alcohol Tolerance.
  • Aromatic Ale – 80-90% Attenuation, Medium-High Flocculation, Working Range : 18-22 Deg C, Very High Alcohol Tolerance.
  • Saiseweien – 80-85% Attenuation, Low Flocculation, Working Range: 17-24 Deg C,  Medium-High Alcohol Tolerance.

Website – Click HERE

Craft Brewing Workshop


The DVKSP team lead by their Managing Director, Mr. Sanjay Pansuriya  felt that a workshop focused on brewing particularly brewing raw materials was much needed for professional and amateur brewers. This idea was discussed with Master Brewer Ishan Grover from RJ Brewing Solutions, the team from Castle Malting, Fermentis, Bright Beer Yeast &  Hop Grower from DVKSP . The seminar would be held at Quaff Brewpub in Gurgaon. Tales Of Froth was selected as the event’s media partner.

What was unique about this workshop is that it wasn’t just going to focus on theory but there would be a practical component – brewing an actual Beer using some of the techniques discussed during the session.

On the morning of December 13, a group of 40 pro brewers assembled at Quaff, DLF Cyberhub – Gurgaon,  to attend the workshop.

Quaff Brewpub – DLF Cyberhub | Grugaon



Unfortunately Joey Bedard from Hop Growers couldn’t make it it to India due to last minute travel document issues and the schedule had to be re-arranged slightly as Castle’s Master Brewer, Bruno Bonacchelli was delayed at the airport.

The show must go on and after a brief introduction from DVKSP’s Sanjay Pansuriya and RJ Brewing’s Ishan Grover, it was over to Tales Of Froth to talk about the history behind the world’s oldest fermented beverage.



Once Bruno arrived, it was time to discuss the recipe for the Beer that was about to be brewed. Once the discussion was complete, it was time to head into the brewhouse at Quaff to start Mashing.

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  • Style – Belgian Dubbel , 300 L Batch { Belgian Dubbels are heavy bodied malt forward, nutty fruity and at times mildly spicy with low bitterness and a dry finish}
  • Grain Bill – Castle Pilsner, Pale Ale, Cara Ruby & Chocolat.
  • Hops – Magnum (Bittering), Saaz/EKG/Fuggles (Aroma/Flavor)
  • Yeast – Safale S-04 or T58

Multi step mash profile had a gradual temperature increase with rests along the way followed by a 75 min boil with hop additions. Primary Fermentation at 19 Deg C for 6 days, followed by conditioning for a further 14 days at 2 Deg C.


  • Grain Bill – The Cara Ruby adds a dried fruit, toffee/caramel flavor to the brew along with the chocolat malt adds a depth of nutiness to the flavor.
  • What you may notice missing is the addition of Belgian Candi sugar – typically Belgian Trappist Dubbels have added candi sugar to boost alcohol and rum/raisin flavors. In this case, Candi sugar is a product DVKSP will bring to India sometime in 2017 – so we’ll just have to wait to use that in subsequent batches!
  • Yeast Selection. Being a Belgian Dubbel, if you want those spicy and fruity esters, then use T58 as the yeast. Otherwise, S-04 works just fine.

Other Presentations

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Syliva Chalkou, marketing & sales for Castle took us through a virtual tour of their malting process, facilities and then through the entire product portfolio and also shared some interesting facts about Belgian Beer consumption and exports.

Image Courtesy: Belgian Brewers Associaton

What is interesting to note is that 66% of Beer produced in Belgium is for export and that their per capita is reducing year on year. Consumption is dropping in volume as more mature consumers seek to find premium quality specialty brews that are enjoyed typically in small volumes versus mass produced beers.

Belgium is well know for it’s complex yet balanced beer styles such as their Saisons, Strong Ales, Trappist Ales – Dubbels, Tripels, Quadruples, Lambics, Flanders Red, Browns, Guezes & Krieks and so forth. These styles have been brewed for thousands of years and perfected since then. Belgium is truly the mecca for all things Beer!

Dante Phillips from Bright Brewers Yeast then walked us through his product portfolio and why Bright Beer is different from other yeast suppliers.

Of particular interest is their hybrid yeast strain, the Saiseweizen – one that combines the yeast properties of a hefe yeast with those of a saison yeast strain – citrus, pepper and bubblegum along with clove and banana.

What’s interesting to note about Bright Beer’s yeast strains are their selective breeding process ensures these strains cannot produce an H2S – Hydrogen Sulfide – usually an off flavor that is a bi-product of fermentation and undesirable in a Beer.

We look forward to trial runs using these new yeast strains once Bright Beer starts shipping their products to India in 2017.

Jo Pitt from Fermentis walked us threw some tips & tricks for ensuring optimal fermentation conditions using their various strains of Saflager, Safale & Safebrew yeast. Proper techiniques for yeast handling, rehydration and pitching were discussed along with yeast characteristics for various strains. He also discussed how to select yeasts that match various different beer styles.

We ended the session with Bruno doing a final presentation on brewing tips as well as finishing off brewing the Dubbel – once lautering was complete, wort transfer, cooling and pitching yeast followed.

The staff at Quaff ensured we were well looked after providing us with appetizers, lunch and of course giving us samples of the beers on tap. Quaff is one of the few brewpubs in Gurgaon that offers an almost true to style IPA that is dry hopped but lower on the IBU to account for a sweeter palate in the city.



At the end of the session, each participant revived several handouts (pictured above) as well as a set of Velik Beer mugs & an embroidered DVKSP/Castle Malting polo shirt.

The hand outs are extremely informative:

  • Comprehensive Hops, Malt guide book from DVKSP including Beer Recipes.
  • DVKSP leaflet covering Hops & Malt specifications.
  • Castle Malting product portfolio and specifications guide.
  • Fermentis yeast profiles along with tips & tricks for Craft Brewers.

Overall the session was informative, interactive and fun to be a part of. More such events like this are needed across the country to not only bring the Craft Brewing community together but to help improve brewing standards resulting in improved batch quality and consistency across the board.


A Big Shout Out to Sanjay from DVKSP – (In Yellow)

A big shout out to everyone involved that made this session a success:

  • The Castle Malting
  • Fermentis
  • Catalysts Bio Techonologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Bright Brewing Yeast
  • RJ Brewing Solutions
  • Tales Of Froth
  • Quaff
  • All the particpants

What to expect next? DVKSP are looking to do their next workshop in Mumbai & Bangalore sometime in early 2017. We will keep you informed about these events well in advance. Brewers in these cities, you will want to attend these sessions.

The Brew

Photo Courtesy: Ishan Grover | Master Brewer – RJ Brewing Solutions

Three weeks after brew day during the DVKSP workshop, the Belgian Dubbel is now ready to go on tap at Quaff.

If you’re in the Delhi/NCR/Gurgaon area, head over to Quaff Brewpub at DLF Cyberhub and try a pint or two or a few!

Tasting Notes – As expected during recipe formulation – rich complex malt aroma with hints of caramel. A great balance between hops and malt.

Hope you enjoyed reading this rather lengthy piece. As always, please feel free to like, comment, share and don’t forget to say:

Cheers & Stay Frothy!

JJ The Keg

All Images Courtesy: DVKSP, Castle Malting, Fermentis, Bright Brewing Yeast, RJ Brewing Solutions, Tales Of Froth unless otherwise specifed



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