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Mumbai’s Beloved Craft Beer Festival Is Back

In November 2014, Mumbai’s first ever Craft Beer festival, Tapped,  took place featuring several different locally brewed Craft Beers and a selection of imports. Bangalore’s Arbor Brewing Co showcased their collaboration brew with Gateway Brewing Co at the festival.

If you’re wondering why you don’t hear of Craft Beer festivals apart from Mumbai or Pune, there’s a sound reason behind that. Maharashtra and Punjab are the only two states that allow B2B kegging & distribution. Not only can you get local craft beer on tap at regular bars and restaurants but this only enables breweries to meet under one roof and create beer festivals.

India’s Craft Beer scene is barely over 8 years old and it is still in its nascent stages. We just don’t have enough awareness about Craft Beer and festivals are a great way of spreading the joy of Craft Beer. Mumbai’s consumers tend to prefer cocktails, spirits and wine. All the more reason why festivals such as this are much needed.


Last year I had the privilege of being part of a Craft Beer Weekender at Brewbot thanks to the good folks at EffinGut, Pune who helped cover my travel expenses. There were 6 participating breweries – 3 from Mumbai, 3 from Pune with 26 Beers on tap, complete with food and merchandise stalls. Things got really busy and by the end of the first day several participating breweries had sold out of at least one of their beers. It was definitely one of the best weekends I’ve had and it was wonderful to see owners, brewers, beer enthusiasts and regular people bonding over Beer. You can read about my experience – HERE.

Since the first edition of Tapped, there have been several Craft Beer fests across Mumbai and more brewpubs have sprung up, as well. The city’s Craft Beer scene is expanding with Andheri West and Lower Parel leading the way as Craft Beer hubs. From Tap Rooms with over 25 beers on tap to brewpubs you can find it all in Mumbai – the city you just can’t help falling in love with despite the crowds and traffic.

Let’s cut to the chase shall we and share the good news!

Tapped 2.0


The good news is that Tapped is back with version 2.0 and this time it’s taking place by the sea. Great Beers, sun, sand, the waves and good food & entertainment – where do I sign up?

Tales Of Froth will be heading up to Mumbai along with a few Beer enthusiasts from Bangalore. We don’t want to miss this event. It’s going to Epic!

Here’s what  you have in store:

  • 30 Beers on tap

Participating Breweries 


  • Gateway Brewing Co
  • Brewbot
  • White Owl


  • Effingut
  • Independence Brewing Co
  • Doolally Craft Beers


  • Yeast India Company

Besides all these wonderful brews, there is a selection of great food from restaurants such as Woodside Inn and Thalassa among several others. Foodies pay attention – Chef Ranveer Brar will be on site whipping up some goodies, as well.

What’s a festival without live music? Well, there’ll be plenty of music, jazz included from talented singers & bands from the city.

Sign Me Up!


When: Sunday, February 26 | 12pm to 10pm

Where: Razzberry Rhinoceros | Juhu Beach

Map: Click Here

Tickets: Rs. 500 | Book via Book My Show – Click Here

Links: Tapped FB Page – Click Here | Event Page – Click Here


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