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Last month we reviewed the first batches of Indian made Bira and compared them to the Belgian batches Bira had launched in 2015. We found several differences and several improvements that needed to be made. You can read about this post HERE

I’ve been in touch with Bira’s management and brewing team and passed on this feedback to them. They assured us that they were working hard to improve subsequent batches.

Moving a production brewery from Europe to India is no easy task. A brewer is faced with different water profiles and raw materials also vary. Getting the flavor profile to match the original is quite a task.

The Good News

The good news is that new batches of Bira White are out in both packaging formats – cans and bottles.


These are dated:

  • Batch number 11, March 03, 2017 for the bottles.
  • Batch number 08, February 28, 2017 for the cans

So how do these fair compared to what we tasted earlier?

Taste Test

Bottle & Can



The first Indian batch  felt flimsy – clear in color, devoid of the yeast sediment and also lacked the aroma and flavor profile we were typically used to with the Belgian batches.

Let’s take a look at this new batch shall we?


Light colored but cloudy indicating the yeast suspension is back!  Head retention and carbonation have improved. Both the can and the bottle are the same.


The new batch has the Belgian Bira profile – the tell tale aroma of a typical Belgian Wit – a mix of sweet and spicy – citrus notes form the orange peel with some spice notes from the coriander and an overall floral/perfume like aroma.Both the can and the bottle are the same.

The extra dose of coriander on the nose has certainly helped bring the aroma back on point. Smells delightful!


The body is still lighter in composition to the Belgian batch but improved from the last Indian batch – does not feel watered down.

Bottle – citrusy, spicy, smooth, crispy with a low bitter finish. The flavor was slightly acidic and it feels like it needs a touch of sweetness to balance out this.

Can – A touch of sweetness, crispy ,citrusy and smooth on the palate with low bitterness. Interestingly, this was more balanced with no excessive acidity. Perfect.

Overall Impression

Well done Bira, a huge marked improvement in these batches. Should  the beers be slightly heavier in body?

In my opinion, a slight increase wouldn’t hurt but those who drink Bira in mass quantities might argue that a slightly lighter beer makes it more sessionable – fair enough. Both work for us!

Are these beers on point with the first batches of Bira Belgian White? I’d like to think 90% as good as what we first tasted.

Bira’s head brewer was in agreement with the feedback there and there’s always room for improvement. It’s wonderful to see a Craft Beer brand like Bira take consumer feedback constructively and make improvements.

I sincerely hope that we see the same results with the Blonde! Eagerly awaiting the reloaded Blonde batch. Now head out to your local bar, retail shop and get your Bira on. The monkey is back in full swing!

What are your thoughts?


JJ The Keg

All Images Courtesy: Tales Of Froth



  1. […] Contract brewed initially in Belgium, batches were well made. This was covered on the blog back in 2015 (read HERE). Then in early 2017 the switch to contract brewing in India was made. Initial batches were sub par (read this POST). Bira took feedback constructively and made batch improvements particularly for the Bira White (Belgian style Wit), which remains a crowd favorite. The Blonde whilst palatable tastes like any other commercial lager out there to be honest. You can read about the improvements HERE. […]

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