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Bira’s Lite Lunch Festival

3 Cities, 200 Dishes & 1 Light Beer


Bira 91 – the Beer that has gone viral across the country has excellent branding and marketing. There’s always something up the Monkey’s sleeve.

Last month we reviewed the newly launched Bira Lite, Low Calorie Beer – You can read the detailed post HERE.


Our overall impression went something like this (the rest of the notes are in our previous post):

This is an easy drinking lager that is extremely sessionable. Essentially, you can keep drinking this beer in large quantities without feeling bloated or full.  Has the lower calorie count stripped the beer of its flavor? Light lagers are not designed to have much character and this brew is malt forward with not much hop character and is hence true to style.

Bira have marketed this as a lunchtime lager and now have an interesting promotion to go with that.

If you live in Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi, then pay attention!

Light Lunch Festival 30th June – 09th July

Light Lunch Fest

The concept is simple. A light lunch to accompany a light lager. Specially curated menus at select outlets in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi will be on offer at lunch time from 12 noon to 3pm.

50 different outlets across these 3 cities will be giving calorie conscious customers a choice of 200 different dishes – both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that pair well with this Beer and aren’t loaded with calories.

What’s even cooler is that if you order an item from the specially curated Bira menu, you get a Bira Lite on the house. In plain English, FREE Beer.

The idea of light lunch appeals to me and a quick pint or two isn’t a bad idea. I’m certainly not a calorie conscious consumer but a light lunch with a Beer is a new concept and when Bira asked me to go check it out, I said YES!


My Experience

Bootlegger Interior 1

One of my favorite bars in the city is Bootlegger and their new outlet in Indiranagar is more spacious and has a large outdoor patio on the ground level that is perfect for soaking in some Vitamin D despite cloudy/overcast Bengaluru skies at present.

Bootlegger has always been a friendly neighborhood bar serving up great cocktails and beers for to suit people’s budgets. The food here is inexpensive, the atmosphere serene during the day and loud at night.

Bira Lite Interior 2.jpeg

This afternoon was no different – the Bar was all mine and that means you can sit where you want, take as many photos as you want and do whatever you want to do – works every single time.

So let’s take a look at Bootlegger’s specially curated Bira Lite menu shall we?

Bootlegger Lunch Fest Menu.jpg

That’s not too much to ask for a light appetizer/dish and a complimentary Bira Lite to go with it.

It’s good to see a mix of Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian items on the menu. I didn’t really feel like eating wings or calamari and the prospect of chomping down on paneer is a little scary (not the greatest fan of cottage cheese blocks). The safest, easy as pie (yes pun intended) was the Veg Pizza.

Here’s a pro tip – you’re going to have to wait a little before you food comes out, so just go ahead and get your Bira Lite whilst you wait. You can always order another pint and pay for it after the fact! (you can thank me later by buying me a Beer – Cheers!)

Got my Bira Lite, poured it on my own to get the right amount of Froth and waited patiently for my Pizza. The Pizza wasn’t a long wait and before you know it, I was busy folding slices and pretending to do a straight in approach (used to be a pilot before) into my mouth!

Pizza 1.jpeg

Does the pairing work you ask?

Well, it does – this Bira Lite being light in it’s flavor profile will compliment most dishes and work with spicy ones too. The Pizza here is light, crispy with the right amount of cheese. It could have used a little bit more basil but you can compensate by sprinkling some oregano and some chili flakes for safe measure (which is what I did).

Pizza 2.jpeg

A few slices of pizza, a pint to wash it all down equals a happy man. Did I count my calories? Of course not – I ordered a pizza that was enough for two people! I thought it was a single serving but I was wrong.

Rs 250 + Whatever Taxes (not mentioning the name) for a pizza that serves 2 and a bottle of Bira Lite = #Winning

So what did I think overall?

Well to be honest, it’s nice to have a Beer on occasion that’s easy to drink, light bodied and doesn’t leave you bloated. The table next to mine, seeing my empty glass gave me their Bira Lite – my luck day. They happened to have ordered a dish from the menu but weren’t Beer drinkers.

For Beer Geeks like myself, this is a nice change. I work for myself and set my own hours unlike the thousands of others in Bangalore who work corporate jobs and have limited time for lunch. For these folks, a quick bite and a beer that doesn’t leave you bloated or drunk is a great idea but my only hope is the companies these people work for keep an open mind.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with pairing a light low ABV Beer like the Bira Lite with your meal. If you can have a glass of wine at lunch you most certainly can have a Beer lower in calories and alcohol with your meal – go for it! (You have my blessings).

Cheers and Stay Frothy!


JJ The Keg (now sometimes fondly referred to as Beer Jesus – Oh my!)


Participating Outlets (Bangalore Only)

Bira Lite Lunch Fest poster

For Other Cities, please check –

Salt, Novotel Hotel, Waverly and Marriot Hotel at Whitefield, Bootlegger at Kothnur, Punjab Grill at Hongasandra, Once Upon A Roof Top at SK1, Sheraton Hotel and High Ultra Lounge at Yashwantpur, Hammered Pub and Grub at Peenya, The Permit Room, Shiro and Soda Bottle Opener Wala at PF Road, Millers 46 at KG Halli & Beer Café in Kormangala.


30th June to 09th July (Yes, you still have time to get this)


12 pm to 3 pm

Looking For Bira In Your City?


Want to crack open a cold one with your crew but don’t know where to go?  Bira 91 has partnered with Zomato to put together a list of all the bars and restaurants serving Bira 91. All you have to do is search for Bira 91 on Zomato and find all the restaurants and bars serving chilled Bira in your neighborhood.

If you are looking, for Bira at retail liquor stores, you can always message Bira on Twitter @Bira91 to find out where your nearest outlet is.

All Images Courtesy: Bira 91 & Tales Of Froth



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