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In the recent past, we’ve seen a lot activity around Beer & Craft Beer from microbreweries springing up to new Craft Beer brands and new releases from the major players as well. Keep track of all the latest news & gossip by reading The Rumor Mill post.

Packaged Beer selections for consumers vary from State to State and you often find the best selection in general of imports in cities like Mumbai and New Delhi. Ironically India’s Beer capital Bangalore has had a unsteady supply of imported beers over the past few years. Brands come and brand go and often you’re left with limited choices of brand and styles.

Well, all that’s changing or rather changed with UB/Heineken helping change the face of imports. There are 3 new brands from the Heineken that have been launched in India, in select cities – Mumbai, New Delhi and yes, Bangalore.

  • Edelweiss– Hefeweizen from Austria,
  • Affligem – Abbey Blonde from Belgium
  • Sol – Lager from Mexico

Let’s take a look at each one of these 3 beers 1 by 1 starting with Edelweiss since the Hefeweizen is the most popular types of ale in India at present. This will be a 3 part blog series.

Part 1

Edelweiss – Snow Fresh Weiss Beer


So, the label paints a vivid picture of the Austrian Alps and snow melting into a stream that the brewery then uses for its water source. The bottle has been embossed with the Alps wrapped around the circumference and the silver & blue label further stress this mental picture of Austria & purity.

Watch this Ad from Edelweiss to understand the picture I painted above!

Now that we are mentally in Austria let’s turn the clock back and find out the origins of Edelweiss.

This beer was originally brewed by Hofbrauhaus Kaltenhausen in the village of Kaltenhausen (near Salzburg), located by the foot of the alps, dating back to the year 1475. When it was first set up it was simply called Kalte Brahaus but in 1498 became the Hofbraus Kaltenhause. “Hof” means court in German and this was now in fact a Royal Brewery and ownership transferred to the Archbishops of Salzburg.

Today Edelweiss is still brewed according to that tradition and recipe and is now brewed by Brauunion Osterreich for Heineken (who now owns the brand).

Tasting Notes


  • Beer Style – Hefeweizen Infused with Alpine Herbs
  • Alcohol Content – 5% ABV | 330 ML Bottle | MFG Date: February 2017
  • Ingredients – Alpine Water, Malted Barley, Wheat Malt, Hops, Hop Extract, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Herb Flavoring & Yeast. [Unfiltered]
  • Glassware – Use a Hefeweizen Vase
  • MRP – 280 (Karnataka)

What’s interesting to note is these bottles come with a lovely “Twist Off” crown – something I haven’t seen since Canada or the US. If you don’t have an opener handy or don’t know how to use all those handy hacks, just twist the cap off.


The Pour

Edelweiss Pour.PNG
Image Source: Edelweiss – http://www.edelweissbier.at/

If you’re handling a Hefeweizen, you follow the pouring ritual each and every time.

  • Pour till 3/4 full at a 45 degree angle.
  • Swirl the bottle to loosen up the sediment (yeast)
  • Move the glass upright and pour out the remaining beer into the glass. If done right, you should have a good inch or two of fluffy froth. Cheers!

There is residual yeast and wheat protein that contributes to the haze/cloudiness of this beer. Do not be alarmed, this is perfectly safe to consume. The yeast adds a lot to the flavor profile of this beer and is hence retained by keeping the beer unfiltered.

Mind you this Beer is heavily carbonated and you may have foaming issues pouring out of the bottle, so go slow and wait for the foam to settle before topping up the glass.


Let’s taste this Weiss shall we? (Finally!)



Pours yellow/golden with a fluffy, mousse like head. Hazy and not as cloudy as other Hefeweizen brands. The haze is due to the wheat in the grain bill and yeast sediment. High on carbonation with small, fast rising bubbles, excellent head retention that leads to excellent lacing till your last sip.



The addition of Apline flowers/herbs adds perfume like floral notes on the nose, coupled with your the expected Banana esters from the yeast. You can also pick out the bready and yeasty notes along with spicy clove phenols coming through. The clove is more evident on warming.

Flavor (Aroma, Taste + Mouthfeel)

The aroma translates well to the palate. This beer is clean, light to medium bodied with a nice creamy mouthfeel. Starts off with malty sweetness from the malt bill, is fruity (banana), has a hint of tartness (citrusy) and finishes with a slightly spicy & bitter hop finish.


The spritzy nature of this beer, coupled with the mixture of fruity aromas & flavors, floral herbal and clove notes, along with the malty/bready sweetness makes for a highly refreshing beer that is perfect for a warm, sunny day be in the bustling streets of Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai or on a meadow overlooking the Austrian Alps.

Rating: 4.5/5.0


In Closing

India loves the Hefeweizen and all Wheat based ales. In Karnataka, it’s been hard to find a bottled Hefe that isn’t expired, overpriced, oxidized or one that stays on the shelves after the first consignment sells.

With UB/Heineken helping bring Edelweiss in and with their distribution channels, I think our problem of finding a decent premium Hefe in Karnataka has been solved.

At Rs. 280 this product isn’t for the average Beer drinker but rather for someone who appreciates a well made product that is meant to be savored sip by sip.

  • Beer Style – Hefeweizen Infused with Alpine Herbs
  • Alcohol Content – 5% ABV | 330 ML Bottle | MFG Date: February 2017
  • Ingredients – Apline Water, Malted Barley, Wheat Malt, Hops, Hop Extract, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Herb Flavoring & Yeast. [Unfiltered]
  • Glassware – Use a Hefeweizen Vase
  • MRP – 280 (Karnataka)
  • TOF Rating – 4.5/5.0

Availability (Bangalore)


Currently available at:

  • Dewar’s – St. Marks Rd
  • Cyber Wines – Walton Rd (Off Vital Mallya Rd)
  • Drops – Indiranagar

Other outlets in the city have stock now. Always call ahead to find out if the retailer has stock.

You can also find Edelweiss at several restaurants at bars across the city. Try Fazi Cafe or Fava at UB city to start with.

Cheers & Stay Frothy!

JJ The Keg

Part 2 – Affligem & Part 3 – Sol coming right up next.

All Images Courtesy: As Noted & Tales Of Froth



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