Fermental 2017

Hyderabad’s First Craft Beer Festival

Hyderabad’s Craft Beer scene is exploding and gaining momentum very quickly. It’s great to see Zero40 taking the initiative to run a 4 day Craft Beer Festival in the city.

This will be the first time a brewpub in Hyderabad is doing a Craft Beer festival and if you live in Hyderabad, you shouldn’t miss out on this.


“Fermental” runs from 20th July to the 23rd and you can expect a host of Beer related activities ranging from Beer games to music and something very special.

Jameson Irish Whiskey & Craft Beer

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It’s been a few months since we’ve done a Jameson & Craft Beer event. I’ve done about five such workshops since 2016 and ended up going to Dublin recently.

Going to Dublin with Jameson was truly a memorable experience. To see the inner workings of the brand, understand their values and experience the true Irish spirit and hospitality was enriching. Top that up with what Jameson Irish Whiskey is doing with Craft Breweries around the world and you’ll understand why it’s always a pleasure to co-host a Craft Beer & Whiskey session with them.

A few memories from Dublin:


Back to the workshops I was talking about earlier. Here’s a look at one of the Craft Beer & Whiskey sessions we did at Arbor Brewing Co, Bangalore last year:

We had a full house and lots of Whiskey & Craft Beer banter.


Zero 40 Session


You can catch me and the Jameson crew at Zero 40 on Thursday, July 20th from 7pm onwards.

We’ll walk you through Whiskey basics, do a tasting then follow it up with Craft Beer basics and a guided sampling session and more. I’ll be sharing some of my experiences in Dublin with all of you.

Facebook Event Link:


Sign Up:

To sign up for this event, click on the link below
For details, call: +91 73375 40040

Hope to see you all there!


JJ The Keg



Complete Schedule (Courtesy: Zero40)

Fermental is an intense four-day long craft beer festival that is sure going to put you on cloud nine! Get ready to go mental with fresh brews, games, bands and lots more.
Gear up for a four-day long party, 20th-23rd July.

Event Schedule

20th: (Day 1) 
7PM to 9PM: Jameson and Beer Pairing with John Eapen and Rory Bluett
7PM to 8:30PM: Giant Jenga and Cornhole
6PM to 9PM: Brewlympics
8:30PM onwards: Abhishek Srivastav and DJ Siddie Boy

21st: (Day 2)
6PM to 9PM: Brewlympics
8:30PM onwards: Best Kept Secret

22nd: (Day 3)
1PM to 5PM: Beer and BBQ
3PM to 4:30PM: Beer Relay
6PM to 9PM: Brewlympics
8:30PM onwards: DJ Kan-i

23rd: (Day 4)
1PM to 5PM: BBQ and Brunch
4PM to 5PM: Wings Challenge
4PM to 6PM: Beer and Paint with Bhoomika Perti
6PM to 9PM: Brewlympics
8:30PM onwards: Anjali and Rohan & Raghav Meattle

Facebook Festival Event Link:


For more details, call: +91 73375 40040

Zero40 Facebook Page – Click HERE

All Images Courtesy: Zero40 & Tales Of Froth Unless Otherwise Specified


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