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Indieblogger Awards 2017

Tales Of Froth has been nominated under several categories for the Indieblogger’s Indian Blogger Awards.

The blog started in early 2015 and has been the result of “research” work done in Canada as early as 2011 and drinking all those specialty Craft Beers and Beers dating back to the late 90’s in the US.

Beer has been my constant sidekick ever since I first cracked one open with my Dad when I was 16. I just turned 40 this year. That’s the longest relationship I’ve had so far haha (24 years).

Love Beer

You can read my whole story and take a look at my Beer related achievements here in the ABOUT ME section on the blog.

Unfortunately there isn’t a specific “Drinks” or “Beer” category but hey what the heck – let’s give it a shot.

I need your help & support.

Please Click On the Image or Link:

The Indian Blogger Awards 2017


1. Hit the “Like” Button.
2. Wait for it to convert to “Confirm”.
3. Hit the “Confirm” button and acknowlege.

That’s how you can vote for Tales Of Froth!

Cheers,  Much Love, Thank You & as always, Stay Frothy!

JJ The Keg

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