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Say Hello To Brewdle 2017 Mumbai


One thing we lack in Karnataka is a proper Craft Beer festival and no I’m not talking about the regular Oktoberfest type gigs where there’s just one type of Beer dominating the show – sorry that just doesn’t cut it and isn’t a festival that’s Beer centric.

As the Craft Beer movement slowly grows and our association between breweries and brewers strengthens and more production craft breweries come into being, you will see our united voices pushing for changes in the excise policies and yes, Bangalore will have its first Craft Beer festival – perhaps next year! Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, one can always look to the north for inspiration. Maharashtra is truly blessed with the fact their local Craft breweries are allowed to distribute B2B and there is a provision for one day licenses to host festivals.

Mark your calendars folks. Bangaloreans, make the pilgrimage up to Mumbai and Mumbaikars, I will see you at Brewdle 2017 on November 11 & 12 at Dublin Square, Phoenix Market City, Kulra.

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This isn’t just any ordinary Beer festival but something quite different. If you are an artist and like doodling, music, food, Beer games and Vans this is the sweetener. Vans will be hosting shoe doodling, as well. If you don’t know already, you’ll always find me wearing a pair of Vans slip ons or just regular flip flops.

See you There & Don’t forget to say – Cheers & Stay Frothy!

JJ The Keg


Brewdle 2017


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Brewdle is India’s first craft beer and doodle art festival, bringing together two unique forms of art with scrumptious food, live music and endless entertainment.

Highlights and Activities:

  • Breweries: White Owl, Gateway Brewing Co, Super Happy PopUp (Barking Deer), Moonshine Meadery, Flambos
  • Live Music Artists: Naezy, Zoya, Komorebi, Yourchin, Tarqeeb, Oceantied, Paper Queen, Mafnktion, Kumail


  • Live Comedy by Kunal Kamra
  • Beer Workshops – Beer workshops by John J. Eapen | Tales Of Froth


  • Beer Tournament – games like beer pong, flip cup…
  • Doodle Wall: A large blank wall for doodlers to create collaborative doodles and create one large artwork.
  • Vans Shoe/Hat doodling: An hourly competition in which entrants doodle on paper shoes provided by Vans and a winner is chosen every hour who is awarded with a Vans coupons
  • Vans DIY workshop
  • Plus there’s Foosball, darts and lots of other games involving beer and doodles.


Tickets & Links

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Tickets are available for 750 and 1250 on BookMyShow:

Event Page:

Facebook –

Brewdle FB Page –

Event Location

Brewdle Location.PNG

Dublin, Square – Phoenix Market City,

Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Kamani, Kurla West, Kurla,

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070

All Images Courtesy: Brewdle & Tales Of Froth



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