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Experience Bavaria at Sofitel BKC

In my twenty five years of drinking Beer, there’s one country that is synonymous with Beer that I have yet to visit – Germany.

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In the late 90’s, it was my German college friends who helped me discover speciality ales and Craft Beer and to this day German Beer styles happen to be some of my favorites.

Why haven’t I made the pilgrimage to Germany yet you might ask? Well, a combination of reasons but 2018 maybe the year that all changes. I’ve attended Oktoberfest celebrations in the US & Canada but still have to work my way to Germany.

There’s another school of thought here too. What if you simply don’t have time this year to visit and instead Germany comes to you?

Beer loving citizens of Mumbai, you my friends are in luck. Last Friday (Nov 17th), I was invited to preview something extremely unique – a pop up Erdinger hut brought in by Bavarian Soul at the Sofitel Hotel BKC.

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Bavarian Soul

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Franz Fetstl, the founder of Bavarian Soul has lived a colorful life all over the world and during his travels felt the need to share the culture of Bavaria with people he was interacting with. Franz has been in India since 2007 and started Bavarian Soul this year with the intention of sharing the ultimate Bavarian experience with Indian people.

He’s teamed up with Erdinger from Germany  & brought in an imported Erdinger Huetten (Hut) from Oktoberfest in Munich and this hut can be easy assembled and disassembled at various venues serving as a pop up.

Franz Festl.jpg
Franz Fetstl

Whilst I missed the Oktoberfest event in Mumbai last month, I was in luck this time around. Franz has installed the Huetten at Sofitel BKC from Nov 17-26th.

You still have a few days left to visit – so get to it!

Oh and Franz may share this with you!


The Erdinger Huetten

ER Hut 1.jpg

The Hut is something else and a sight to behold. Spread out over 10×10 meters, it can accommodate a 100-=150 people easily both inside and outside.

ER Hut 2.jpg

You’ll find and outdoor area with community tables and umbrellas and high tables. On the inside, you’ll find a fully stocked Erdinger Bar with glassware and taps serving fresh Erdinger Weissbier.  You’ll find community tables here, as well and there’s live music courtesy of a DJ.



Beer Selection & Food Menu

ER Hut Menu.jpg

Choose from a selection of German dishes specially curated for this event by the team at Sofitel. The Sausage Platter is a must!

You have two beers to choose from:

Erdinger Hefeweizen – A classic version of Germany’s world famous Hefeweizen. Remember “Hefe” means yeast and “weizen” means Wheat. This Beer has a mixed grain bill of barley and wheat giving it a nice medium bodied grainy mouthfeel with plenty of aroma and flavor from the yeast strain used – Banana esters & spicy clove phenols.  There is some residual sweetness in this beer and it is very low in bitterness. If you pace yourself and drink responsibly, you can keep going all night.

Erdinger Dunkelweizen – The darker version of a normal Hefeweizen (Dunkel means Dark) with fruity/spicy aroma & flavor with a nice malty, caramel/toffee  backbone. Similar body and texture akin to the Hefe.

Beer Pricing here is a bargain for Mumbai standards. You can get 330 ml of Erdinger for Rs. 500 and 500ml for Rs. 650.

ER Hut Food
German Sausage & a Dunkelweizen – Perfect Pair

My Experience

ER Hut JJ 2.jpg

It was wonderful meeting Franz, the folks from Erdinger and the importer & distributor for Erdinger in India whilst sipping on a fair amount of Hefeweizens & Dunkelweizens. Some of my closest friends from the brewing community were also present and this was the icing on the cake.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get the special massive lass to drink out of. It’s a 3L wheat beer glass and you can drink as much as you like, like this! Personally, I loved that this was happening – that glass is the definition of fun.

ER Hut Amit
Amit Agarwal from Hema Connoisseur Collections
That’s a lot of Beer and a lot of fun! With Neil M from Gateway Brewing Co.

We each got photo frames, as well – wonderful gesture by Bavarian Soul.

ER HUT Photo Cover

ER Hut Photo Inside
Me with Neil from Gateway Brewing Co, his girlfriend along with Pankil Shah from Woodside Inn

Overall, I had a great experience at the Erdinger Huettn pop up and I highly recommend it. There are still a few days left, so do make the trip to Sofitel and experience a small slice of Bavarian culture in Mumbai.

Prost and Stay Frothy!

JJ The Keg


More Details


Event Details

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Google Maps –

All Images Courtesy Of Bavarian Soul, Sofitel BKC, Yeast India Company, Hema Connoisseur Collections & Tales Of Froth 


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