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Organized By DVKSP

Craft Brewing Workshops organized by raw material suppliers are much needed across the country as the number of brewpubs increase. Not only do they help the brewing community by sharing information, ideas and brewing techniques but in turn also help bring the community closer together.

Most recently, last year DVKSP organized a workshop in Gurgaon, in December before Drink Tech 2016 in Mumbai. This was a combination of a Brew Day and a technical workshop all rolled into one.

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This year, just before Drink Tech 2017 in Delhi, DVKSP organized another such event in Gurgaon similar to last year called The Brewer’s Round Table, on October 25th.  The workshop would include guest speakers, as well as a hands on brew day.

Guest speakers included those from raw material suppliers to professional brewers, brewing institutes and others from the brewing community.

DVKSP Brewer's Roudtable.

Event Hosts/Sponsors/Partners

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Sanjay Pansuriya from DVKSP opened the session followed by a brief session on Beer Market Trends in India by John Eapen from Tales Of Froth.  DVKSP supplies raw materials to the majority of brewpubs across the country and also to several commercial breweries.

dvksp 13.jpg
Amar (Doolally), Sanjay (DVKSP) , Gayathri (VLB), Ishan (RJ Brewing Solutions)

As for my speaking role, it was indeed an honor to be associated with this event and share about trends I have seen across India over the past year. There is definitely growth in the sector around the nation but also a shift to production, as well. An exciting time for all those involved in the brewing sector pan India.

dvksp 11.jpg
Garreth (Friends Of Froth Admin) with Me

Christian Vanhaverbeke from Castle walked us through the recipe for the collaboration brew, a New England Style IPA (NEIPA) that was being mashed in whilst the Round Table commenced. When such experienced brewers/maltsters are involved,  you can be sure that the recipe will yield a formidable product!

A NEIPA has all the hop aroma and flavor but without a lasting bitter finish and the mouthfeel on this beer is very different from a traditional American IPA. This beer has earned the nickname “juice bomb” on account of all the rich citrusy hop aromas and flavors. Instead of being on the crispy side, a NEIPA has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel instead.  Appearance wise, it’s a very cloudy/hazy beer that can sometimes be described as looking like a glass of orange juice.

For this particular brew, Castle malting selected the following grain and hop profile:

  • Chateau Pale Ale – Base
  • Chateau Wheat Blanc – Creamy Mouthfeel
  • Cara Blonde – Sweet Notes, Mouthfeel
  • Cara Ruby – Red color & Toffee
  • Special B – Rich, complex malt backbone
  • Mosaic – Tropical Fruit & Citrus
  • Galaxy – Citrus & Passion Fruit
  • Centennial – Citrus & Floral

Yeast – Fermentis Safale US 05

Water Profile & Procedure – Please refer to the Recipe – HERE

dvksp 3.jpg
Christian from Castle (far right) addressing the crowd

Amit Mishra (RJ Brewing Solutions) then walked us through the best hygiene practices in a brewery – a topic that often goes overlooked resulting in inferior, infected Beers.  Amit was the Head Brewer at Windmills for 3 years, one of the best Brewpubs in the country  where great hygiene practices are always enforced. Oliver Schauf (Doolally) shared his expertise about kegging and packaging operations.  Doolally maintains an efficient kegging operation from Pune to Mumbai to supply all 5 of its taprooms in the city.

dvksp 5.jpg
Amit Mishra


Christian took over once again for a practical session going through various aspects of Mashing/Lautering/Sparging of the NEIPA.

Sylvia Cahlkou , from Castle then walked us through the very DNA of Castle Malting and gave us product insights, updates and further information. There’s a good reason why Castle is one of the preferred malts in India amongst Craft Brewers and it is always good to know what makes that so.

dvksp 10
Sylvia from Castle Malting

You cannot have great Beer on the basis of water and malt alone, you need to balance out that sweetness with none other than hops. Some of the best in the world come from YCH Hops in the USA. Percy Lam from YCH walked us through new product developments at YCH particularly about their new line of Cryo Hops.

dvksp 15.jpg
Percy Lam from YCH Hops

Sour Beers  are getting more common now in India and it’s a relatively new technique. We had George Jacob from The Beer Chronicles walk through various souring techniques during his presentation.

dvksp 12.jpg
George Jacob & Rohit (Gypsy Brewing Co)

After a brief lunch break, it was time to discuss progress with yeast from Fermentis – a product that is widely used throughout India. Joseph Pitt walked us through this session.

dvksp 17.jpg
Joe from Fermentis

Krishna from Fermentis also walked us through their new Saison Yeast and by the end of the session, a lot of brewers were interested in trying the product out.

dvksp 18.jpg
Krishna from Fermentis

You can have the best Beer in town but improper and unclean glassware will ruin your product. Ishan Grover and I walked through the importance of the right glassware based on style and basic cleanliness guidelines.

dvksp 7
Ishan Grover

There’s always room for education and further training and we had Gayatri Mehta fly in all the way from Berlin to talk about the options for training VLB Berlin had to offer.

dvksp 19.jpg

This was followed by an open Q&A Session and closing formalities.



A very well put together session that was well appreciated by the participants and hosts alike. India needs more of such events and the good news is that in 2018, we will see more of such events across India not just in Gurgaon, for example.

A big shout out to everyone involved and all those who participated. Well Done!

DVKSP were kind enough to gift hosts and participants with laptop satchels – a very kind gesture indeed.

Some of us spent the evening after the Round Table sampling various beers around Sector 29, which was a rewarding experience no doubt. When folks in the brewing community get together, you are guaranteed a great time.

 Drink Tech Delhi 2017 Snippets

The next morning saw the start of the 3 day Drink Tech 2017 exhibition for the first time in Delhi. There were a few microbrewery suppliers as well as raw material vendors on hand at the show including DVKSP.

Here are few snippets from the exhibition.


Exhibitions are great for keeping up to date with technology trends and for the brewing community to network and socialize, as well.

driktech group.jpg
One Big Happy Family At Drink Tech Delhi2017

NEIPA Release – Quaff – November 2017

The NEIPA brewed on October 25th was conditioned and dry hopped according to the rigorous dry hopping schedule. It was put on tap around mid November.

Image Courtesy: Ishan Grover


The NEIPA had all the characteristics as planned by the recipe – Full of hop aroma and flavor with a smooth creamy finish with the least amount of bitterness possible.

Loads of citrus and tropical fruits on the nose and palate.

This new style was well received at Quaff and sold out very quickly so much so another batch had to be quickly brewed.

The NEIPA is definitely a style that could very well catch on India since most consumers still haven’t fully grasped hop flavor, aroma and bitterness yet. This wonderful style is a great gateway into the world of hops.

Stay tuned for more exciting workshops in 2018 in other cities and as always thank you for reading and don’t forget to like, share and comment.

Cheers and Stay Frothy!

JJ The Keg



  • DVKSP Workshop 2016 – Click HERE
  • Drink Tech India Webiste – Click HERE

All Images Courtesy: DVKSP, Tales Of Froth & As Otherwise Mentioned


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