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Geist got into the business of Craft Beer by contract brewing their recipes in Belgium well before other brands such as Bira and Witlinger came into the picture. They were at bit too early to the Craft Beer party and after limited success turned their attention to brewing services and setting up brewpubs in Bangalore. Geist set up Brewsky and Big Brewsky and currently control brewing operations at Brewsky.

They also are the first in Karnataka to set up the first Production Craft Brewery. Their state of the art brewery produces top quality Craft Beer that is never pasteurized but instead put through a centrifuge and once conditioned, kegged. Geist have ensured that amount of dissolved oxygen remains low and the cold chain is never broken in the delivery process ensuring that the Beers from their Bright Beer Tanks (BBTs) never get subject to the enemies of beer – heat & oxygen in particular.

All of us love Beer and Craft beer just adds a splash of color and variety to our palates which we can’t seem to get enough. From the moment I landed back in India, 4 years ago, I’ve been waiting for a Beer paired dinner and more specifically a set course where Beer is the star ingredient.

For Bangalore, correct me if I’m wrong, this has been the first Beer Dinner I’ve been to. This has been done in Mumbai and Pune but not here. However, a few Brewpubs here have beer infused dishes and I’d really like to see more of this on menus going forward.

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Beer is a wonderful ingredient. In the late 90s in University, I marinated all my meat in beer – different types of Beer from robust stouts to Pilsners and Hefes just to see what would happen. Beer is a natural tenderizer and adds a whole new depth of flavor to food. The concept of Beer pairing and using Beer as an essential ingredient have been around for several hundred years.

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At the bottom of this blog post, I’ll share some links to the basics of food pairing and recipes for cooking with Beer.

Let’s go Taste The Froth, shall we!



The Geistronomy Event At The Smoke Co

The Smoke Co, which recently opened has become my go-to smokehouse and brings bank fond memories from my time spent in North America.

They do some really good smoked meat, sausages and excellent sandwiches too. If you’re craving pulled pork, beef , you know where to go!

Chef Gautam Krishnankutty and his team do a wonderful job here. The bonus is that you can enjoy Geist’s beers with your meal.

Geist teamed up with the ever so talented Chef Gautam at the Smoke Co to bring you a wonderful beer paired dinner where Beer has been used in every course. To preview the offering, a very small select audience was chosen and I’m honored to have been one of the chosen.

We had Narayan Manepally, one of the co-founders of Geist brief us about the evening and this was about the time we were all busy tucking into our Amuse Bouches.

Naryan welcome

Amuse Bouche

amuse bouche

The Geist Witty Wit and cheese fondue with herb croutons.


Couldn’t really pick out the Wit flavors but I honestly wouldn’t mind this for breakfast every day! Full of flavor and rich in texture, this is an example of a dish that really does amuse your tastebuds and mouth!



Dry cured Barramundi (Asian Sea Bass) served along with a Granita made with the Geist Weiss Guy , honey & pepper.

Paired with the Giest Weiss Guy- German Hefeweizen

weiss guy


I’m not a fish person but this preparation was a gastronomical delight. It wasn’t “fishy” and each element in the dish worked very well together.

The complimentary pairing with the Hefe worked – a seamless experience.

Main Course

Uncle Dunkel braised Corned Beef with creamed potato & roasted leeks. Served with sourdough bread.

Paired with the Uncle Dunkel – German Dunkelweizen

main 3


The star of the show. I suppose this is the definition of Umami on the palate. I just had to have more. A substatial portion despite what it looks like in the picture.

An amazing marriage of flavors and the pairing worked beautifully well. Burnt sugars and the Maillard reaction in action!

The Maillard reaction is a type of non-enzymic browning that adds color and flavor to many types of processed food, including the Uncle Dunkel. In other words, a depth in flavor. Both the meat and the beer have undergone the Maillard reaction here and adding the two together plus pairing with the dunkel results in a flavor explosion on your palate.

You don’t have to twist my arm to bring me back for more of this – not kidding!


Geist Witty Wit in a Badami Mango ice cream with a chocolate honey comb.

Paired with the Geist Witty Wit – Belgian Wit

witty wit paring


You normally see the cliche pairing of a dark beer and chocolate/toffee/caramel/coffee based desserts.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that lighter beers also pair well with desserts. The tartness from the Mango ice cream matched that of the Wit.

Just brilliant. I saved the chocolate for the end.

Overall Impression

A satisfying meal that proved that Beer not wine or some other spirit can be successfully used in cooking to really enhance flavors.



Please call the restaurant ahead of time to make your reservation.

The new menu runs on weekends only:

When: April  14&15, 21&22 and 28&29

Choice: Choose either the Non Veg or Veg option

Price: RS 2250 + Taxes includes the meal and 3 pints of Geist Craft Beer.

Location: The Smoke Co, Koramangala

smoke co exterior

Address: 501, 6th Cross Road, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560047


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