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Beer Geek’s Course Completion – IBC Boot Camp 001, Pune

It’s been close to 5 years since Tales Of Froth came into being and after a while, followers started asking how they could post their reviews and opinions about Beer.

The whole idea of evangelizing India about Beer & Craft Beer is to see that the folks who genuinely love Beer get together and build one another up.  We are in essence building up a Beer collective that I fondly refer to as “Friends OF Froth”

The Friends Of Froth (FOF) Facebook group was launched in January 2017 and has since quickly grown to over 6,000 participants who actively share their Beer activities from all over India and on their travels on the group. There is a high level of engagement and let’s be frank, it really doesn’t matter whether there are 6,000 or 15,000 people on the group, it’s the level of interaction and content quality/relevance that matters.

The group consists of Brewery owners, Professional Brewers, Amateur Brewers, Beer Brands (Macro & Micro) and the most important of them all – Beer Geeks (basic to advanced). It’s a wonderful mix of people who love Beer – all types of Beer.

The Group exists to:

  • Create a collective of Beer Enthusiasts across India.
  • Educate members about Beer & Craft Beer.
  • Provide an unbiased platform to share reviews, constructive feedback, ask questions and interact.
  • Inform members about new products on the market or events/offers.
  • Members only Events – Organize at least quarterly meetings for each chapter across India.
  • Members Exclusive Events – Special exclusive Beer launches,  or special tasting sessions/brewery tours exclusively for members.
  • Members Only Deals – Secure special deals/discounts for members.
  • Merchandise – Showcase custom merchandise made specifically for group members. (coming soon)

If you are on Facebook, I encourage  you to join this group to share your Beer Geekery.

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Cheers and Stay Frothy!

Meet The FOF Admins

Running a group in addition to all the Tales Of Froth channels is quite a task. So I’ve built up an interesting panel of co-admins for the group from across the country and now a few from around the World.

Let’s go meet them!


Love Beer

JJ The Keg – Founder

Location: Bangalore

Favorite Styles Of Beer:  Belgian complex Beers – Trappist/Abbey, Guezes, Saisons, German Rauchbiers, IPAs – Amber Ales/NEIPA and Porters – Coffee Porters.

Interests: Flying (Airplanes – Cessna – Yes, I have a pilot’s license), AvGeek (spend most of my free time watching cockpit videos) & Music ( Playing my Les Paul Electric Guitar, listening to Alt Rock & Metal) ,Socializing & Artisanal Coffee (caffeine addict).

My Beer Journey:

Started 24 years ago, in 1993 when my dad gave me first lager. Had my first Craft Beer in 1997 in the US, then tried several specialty European and the love for Beer grew from there. My most recent stint in the Canada propelled this even further – tried several beers from all over the world, served on Molson Coor’s consumer insight panel for 3 years giving product & marketing feedback.

Fast forward to today – Running Tales OF Froth, as well as consulting/ conducting staff training workshops, conducting Beer 101 workshops, Beer reviews across India and selling Brewing Equipment is what I do today.

Dheeraj Rajdev – Admin

Location: Bangalore

Dheeraj is a veteran from the F&B world – having set up and worked restaurants, brewpubs and hotels. His knowledge of alcohol and mixers is tremendous and he loves his Beer.  Stay tuned for more about what he likes and his Beer journey.

He will be helping take our Friends Of Froth group to the next level.

Favorite Styles Of Beer:  


My Beer Journey:

Gautham Gandhi.jpeg

Gautham Gandhi – Admin

Location: Delhi

Favorite Styles Of Beer:  West coast style IPAs, Tropical APA’s, Stouts , Pilsners and Saisons.

Interests:  Home brewing , Cricket , Food , Whisky and Dogs.

My Beer Journey: 

I started off with Kingfisher like most of us here. I was always keen to try different types of beers , but back in 2007-2008 we didn’t have many options in India. My exposure to beer especially Trappist beer was when I was in the Netherlands in 2010 , which made me very curious about various styles of beers.

I moved to England in 2015 and started experimenting with different craft beers in local pubs and then one day I walked into Brewdog, Leeds where I was exposed to the world of craft beers, After that day I stopped buying the 24 pack Stella and instead spent my money on craft beers. I met a few homebrewers in Brewdog who exposed me to home brewing and invited me to their brew sessions. After which I was inspired to give it a try.

I got back to India and being from Delhi which had a very non-existent craft beer scene was missing good beer until we started getting good imports. I realised that I wanted to do something for the craft beer scene in Delhi and quit my job as a lawyer to hopefully start my own brewery someday.

Ashish Ranjan – Admin

Location: Delhi

Favorite Styles of Beer: IPA, Belgian strong ale, Rauchbier

Interests: Dancing, Homebrewing.

My Beer Journey:

I have been a beer lover since as long as I can remember but my love really took off during a work engagement for inventory optimization at a microbrewery in US when I got to understand the intricacies of craft beer for the first time.

Ever since I have been drinking and collecting beers from different parts of the world. I started my homebrewing journey last year which has been an extremely fulfilling hobby!

I hope to spread the knowledge and love of craft beer as much as I can through FoF and my IG blog (@lazybeertaster) one brew at a time!

Admin TBA

Location: Chandigarh/Punjab

Favorite Styles of Beer:


My Beer Journey:


  • Joshua Antao (The Beer Circus/Pataka Events)
  • Ayesha K.G. (The Beer Circus/Pataka Events)

Josh & Ayesha Temp

Joshua Alvaro Antao – Admin

Location: Goa

Favourite Styles Of Beer:  IPA, Stout, Saison, Wit

Interests: Drinking Beer, Shopping, Partying & Traveling. Besides that love to make Ice Cream and plan & execute events and festivals.

My Beer Journey: 

Being a beach boy drinking Beer has been synonymous with my lifestyle.  I have following the Indian Craft Beer growth curve with its challenges (people’s perception & exposure to Craft Beer, Government Regulations, Excise Issues and limited Craft Beer exposure in Goa.

My passion for Beer has drive me to come up with a Beer Festival called The Beer Circus along with my partner Ayesha & Natasha and a very good samartian John John Eapen AKA Tales Of Froth and was and is an integral part of the festival and our lives in teaching and exposing us to Beer knowledge and Good Beer, of course!

The main motto of the festival is to make Craft Beer a lifestyle rather than just a drink.  It also serves to expose people to good Craft Beer, support Brewers & Breweries to the best of my ability and create an ecosystem condusive to Craft Beer growth. Being a Admin and supporter of the Friends Of Froth group, my journey is to grow our community and make people believe in what I believe, that the best Cheers can be said with a Beer Mug!


Ayesha K.G- Admin

Location: Goa

Favourite Styles Of Beer:  Witbier, Gose (i tried the Gose at Arbor and totally loved it considering it was my first time drinking that styler) and recently have started liking the Saison.

Interests: 100% passionate about dancing, mad about travelling, inventing new salad recipes, dark art painting, RnB/Hip Hop/ Soul music fan, trekking and tennis.

My Beer Journey: 

I started by stealing sips from my dad’s beers. I grew up watching my dad and his friends drink Tiger Beer. In Uni, a friend and I came up with a game called the Tiger Train, which was basically lining up the number of Tiger beer bottles that you have finished, the one with the longest train obviously won. So I have a very special corner for Tiger beer though its a normal lager.

I tried my first craft beer when I visited Delhi/Gurgaon’s Rockman’s Brewery in the old Ambience Mall back in 2009. I was blown away by the fact that micro brewed beers were available, so tasty; had such varieties of flavors.

Many years and beers later, my partner Joshua and myself started our own event company and made a festival we used to just dream of having come to lifeThe Beer Circus’. We started experimenting with the different types of Beers and Craft Beers available in the Goan market. I got in touch with JJ through Instagram (Tales of Froth), he became an integral part of The Beer Circus team, because we wanted to make sure we educate people about the essence, science and art of craft beers and beers. Can’t thank JJ enough for urging and helping me broaden my knowledge for my love of craft beers- Friends of Froth is now an everyday part of my life.

Once you’re Craft, you can never go back!! 🍻🍻

Other Admins:


Sunny Muntode

Location : Mumbai

Favorite Styles of Beer : Stouts, Porters, Saison, IPA and for Desserts, Ciders and Meads.

Interests : Music, Movies, Concerts, Food.

My Beer journey :

Well I was 18 and attended a Radio Mirchi party, where I was lured to try a Kingfisher Premium Pint. I took it as a challenge and felt quite confident and gulped down 4 pints that evening. After that evening I used to have a pint or two with friends once in a month.

I was a fan of bottled beers back then, tried and explored most of them. Finally in 2015, I was introduced to Craft beer at Brewbot, Andheri. I was amazed with the quality and the process. By now, I have visited almost every single brewpub, taproom in Mumbai. Have also tried a couple craft beers in bottle. Thanks to John Eapen, Tales of Froth, Friends of Froth who literally made me crazy about Craft beers!

Now the journey is graduating from an amateur to a pro and it will take years to learn. Cheers to everyone who loves beer 🍺


TBA – If you feel you can be an admin for FoF in Pune, drop me a line and let me know why!


Arvind Soju – Admin

Location: Chennai

Favorite Styles of Beer: IPAs, Amber Ales, Hefeweizen, Witbier and sometimes (read rarely) ciders and meads.

Interests: Riding (well, bike), Dance, Food, Music, Cricket, Badminton, Dogs, Travel

My Beer Journey:

My dad being an ardent beer lover, I initially used to drool at the beers he used to drink, right from the Sand Piper, Kalyani days (back in Kerala) and initially he used to give me sips, to glasses, to bottles and to me giving him bottles 🙂

In 2014 I moved to Pune where I was exposed to more beers and eventually came to know that there’s something like beers are made in-house and served. Effingut was my first meet with craft and IPA was my first beer. Love at first sip. My love for IPAs started then.

Did social media campaigns in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and now Kolkata to create awareness about craft beers (yes, visited all breweries at these cities and wrote about it)

In Chennai since 2018, hoping for a craft beer revolution at the earliest

P.S: I collect crowns, pints and cans of the beers I drink

Ajit Induchudan – Admin

Location: Chennai

Favorite Styles of Beer: Wheat Based Ales including Hefes,  various ales, and very selectively, stouts.

Interests: Finance professional and avid foodie who loves to explore food and beers while travelling.

My Beer Journey:

I transformed from being a non lover of beer to making it the preferred drinking option during my two years in Bangalore. Crossed off most breweries during my stay there and now make it a point to try a new one every time I visit.

Before you judge, I come from the land of British Empire, where liking beers isn’t easy. 😀



Anudeep Reddy – Admin

Location: Bangalore/Hyderabad

Favorite Styles of Beer: Weizenbocks, Lambics, IPAs, Dopplebocks, Belgian dark strong ale, Belgian Dubbels, English brown Ales and milk stouts – many more or can I say all craft beers?! Lol

Interests: I love brewing beers and experimenting with different ingredients, tasting new beers, reading books, biking and sometimes PC gaming.

My Beer Journey:

While I was an undergrad student, a couple of my senior friends took us to a local bar where I got to try my first beer ever. I can’t recall what it was but all I knew was the beer was unpleasantly bitter. It was a shocker as I didn’t know what to expect out of a beer. At that moment, I decided not to drink beers again. At that time I was more inclined towards drinking scotch.

Few months passed by, there were many parties where all I could find was beer. Literally, beer everywhere. I made up my mind and thought that the beers are meant to be bitter and I gotta get used to it. And slowly, I got used to it.

After I graduated, I went to the United States to pursue my masters. Being in a group of closed set of friends who had the ‘mind of masses’ gave me a very limited exposure to the craft beers or beer industry. I was drinking Coronas, Buds, Coors and Millers back then.

One day, I went to a local craft beer store by myself and I was amazed to see an entirely different world of beer. I’d spend hours and hours going through labels of each beer bottle and I’d buy a few each time. As the time passed, it was clear that I liked craft beer and that became my preference.

I started to enjoy craft beer ONLY when I learnt about differentiating one beer style from another. The more attention I paid, more I used to appreciate the flavour. It grew on me very fast.

As I got into the corporate world after graduation, sixty hour work weeks didn’t help me get what I wanted. I started homebrewing on the weekends and hung out with the fellow beer geeks. At some point, I decided that my love for craft beers is real and that I would find myself a job in the beer industry and support craft beer.

I attended every possible beer judging competition, study sessions, volunteering for brew days at local craft breweries, training my palate on a daily basis – really helped me to achieve the level 2 Cicerone Certification and also gain a ‘Certified BJCP judge’ title.

Recently, I decided to come back to India and support the local craft beer movement with ‘Blood, sweat and beer’
And, here I am, starting my journey in Bangalore.

Abhinav Reddy – Admin

Location: Hyderabad

Favorite Styles of Beer: Imperial Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Weissbier, Dunkles Weissbier, Belgian Dubbel, Belgian Blond Ale and English Barleywines.

Interests: Homebrewing, Plane-spotting (AvGeek),Travelling, Console Gaming, Binge-watching, Dogs/Puppies

 My Beer Journey: 

On a hot sunny day, I cracked open a Kingfisher Premium, which turned out to be my first ever beer. Fast forward to my masters in California (2010), I used to buy 12 packs of Corona/Heineken/Budweiser as I didn’t know the importance of craft beer back then.

In 2011, I was exposed to a wide range of craft beers and Windmer Brothers Brewery in Portland, Oregon turned out to be my first brewery visit ever. Having toured the facility, I was able to acknowledge and embrace the world of craft beer. The interest towards craft beer spiked when I started home brewing in 2017. Brewed a different style of beer per month to master the skill and took part in various craft beer festivals in Pennsylvania to meet like-minded people.


I quit my job as a web developer in 2018 and moved back to India recently after eight long years in USA with great exposure to craft beer scene. Now I would like to move on to something great, something which benefits the craft beer community. Stay tuned.



Dorji Gyeltshen

Dorji owns Namgay Artisanal Brewery. He is passionate about Craft Beer and makes top class Beers from one of Bhutan’s few Craft Breweries.  It’s an honor to have his as admin for Friends Of Froth.

More Details to follow.


Kunal Jha

Kunal has been an IT consultant living in Singapore for quite a while and an avid Craft Beer fan and advocate.

Kunal and I worked together at Dell back in 2004 and have remained good friends since then. It’s great to have him as a Friends Of Froth admin for Singapore, a city with a bustling Craft Beer scene.

More details to follow.


El Roy CF – Bangalore

Location: Bangalore

Favorite Styles of Beer: IPAs, especially NEIPAs and a good Stout.

Interests: Extremely passionate about football. I play and coach football too. Along with this, love my music and beers.

My Beer Journey: 

When I moved to Bangalore in 2018, I got introduced to the world of craft beer thanks to the various brewpub options. Followed by joining Friends Of Froth, where I kept learning about beer each day. And the journey continues the same way.

Tales Of Froth

TOF Wallpaper Grey

Tales Of Froth continues to be an entity run by me. I write and manage the content and all the affiliated social media channels and will continue to do so until ready to expand in the near future and take on staff to assist.

Do follow Tales OF Froth on:

Facebook – Click HERE

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You will see occasional guest posts from friends in the brewing community.  Thank you for all your support. There will be new developments continually. So keep those pint glasses handy!

If you are on Facebook, I encourage  you to join the Friends Of Froth group to share your Beer Geekery.

Friends OF Froth Rules

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Cheers & Stay Frothy

JJ The Keg

All Images Courtesy: FOF Admins & Tales Of Froth


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