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In the past two weeks, there have been 2 instances of individuals pointing fingers at me for no reason, at all.

It’s important that as followers of the blog, you get the whole picture. There is no cause for mudslinging or a fued.

My policy is simple – apologize, shake hands, move forward and find a way to work together and ensure that peace is the end result. The main focus here is continuing to spread the good word about Beer and that focus should never be shifted.



Just a few days ago, this was forwarded to me.

Beer Dossier Slander 1.png
Image Source: From a Third Party Informant

Hannan is one half of The Beer Dossier – another Beer blog that has increased its following under mysterious circumstances in the past 1-1.5 years specifically on Instagram.  I met him and his wife, Jenna 3 years ago when they were trying to organize a Beer Bus Crawl and my friend and I ended up helping them talk to participants about Beer because they certainly didn’t know enough of Beer to handle the event.

In India, this is a common recurrence. You help individuals who later try and stab you in the back for their own ill gain. Quite cruel if you ask me!

From that point on, their posts have been sporadic with more activity in the last year and there have been a number of times they’ve come up with false accusations but this one is the worst of the lot.  There have been several instances where they have behaved unprofessionally with brands and this can be verified.

Last year, I took part in an Amrut barrel chase event and my friend and I came in second place. The Beer Dossier had the nerve to accuse Amrut of cheating by giving us the last clue – totally false. They went ahead to harass Amrut’s PR team over the phone.

Later in the year, the threatened The Beer Circus Goa organizers stating they would give them a negative review on their blog if The Beer Circus did not work with them. The folks at The Beer Circus were quick to tell them to proceed and if so, face legal action. The Beer Dossier kept harassing the organizers with multiple threats and repeated phone calls.

In contrast, Tales Of Froth signed on with The Beer Circus Goa and helped them on board brands and did a workshop there – a huge success with no drama.

Harassing PR agencies and threatening brands doesn’t really speak volumes about your professionalism does it nor your maturity?

In the last 4 years, how many Beer events have they undertaken? What certifications do they have? What level of involvement do they have in the brewing community/business? How well do they understand Beer?

In the same time period, I  have successfully completed over 40 Beer events, participated in industry related panel discussions, spoken at brewing symposiums and round tables,  participated in trade shows, written numerous articles for newspapers/magazines, have been featured in several publications and have hosted Beer festivals across the country. Unlike them, I also work for an equipment company and am heavily involved with the entire brewing community.  Tales Of Froth has won Runners Up as Best Beverage Blog, two years in a row – 2016 & 2017 at the FBAI (Food Bloggers Association Of India) yearly blog awards.

Your work speaks for itself. You can take a look at the proof of all my achievements here:

Since he’s thrown me under the bus, yet again, it’s time to show you how unprofessional and non factual his rant really is. In fact, once you read what’s below it will be quite obvious that it is a deliberate attempt to discredit an individual and several professional organizations associated with the individual.

Let’s get a few facts right about the Beer Star program:

  • This program has been endorsed by the The Beer Cafe. Tulleeho is a reputable beverage training institution that has been in the industry for 20 years. This prep course has been cleared with the Cicerone Organization in the US. We are also partnering with raw material suppliers and a local microbrewery for an enhanced learning experience. There is no scam here nor is there any false advertising.
  • We have been working on putting this class together for a year now and it has taken a lot of hard work and planning. To have someone bulldoze this, is uncalled for and unjustified and a prime example of defamation on purpose.
  • My Certified Beer Server Certification will be on display at the session. What point are they trying to make with their analogy with a Math Teacher? It’s a bit pointless is it not?

John Eapen - Certified Beer Server

  • Course material for this course is NOT FREE. The internet is a free library yes but there are specific text books for this course. Once again the point made is invalid.

This course is designed for professionals in the F&B field particularly beer and targeted at staff and those in the industry. Beer enthusiasts are more than welcome to enroll but nobody is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to do the course.

The course fee of 10,000 INR includes the USD 69 examination fee (4,681 INR). The rest of the fees cover the various other expenses incurred including the beer and food costs. There is no false advertising nor is there a scam here.

More on the Beer Star program:

Further Details :

What I find propostous are the false claims and slandering here with no grounds! What is damaging to the Craft Beer scene is incidents such as this one. It is quite clear that Hanan and The Beer Dossier are intent on creating unnecessary disruptions instead of focusing on spreading the gospel of Beer.

They’ve gone as far as writing to the equipment company, I am associated with. What for? What does brewpub equipment have to do with the Beer Star program?

If you’re on a mission to target a brand on purpose with malicious intent and without any factual proof, you’re going to destroy your own reputation in the process. Such shameful behavior from people who do not work in the Beer industry and at the same time are not qualified to comment about the state of affairs.  We need to weed such cancerous individuals out of the Beer scene.

Thank you everyone for all your support. Please ensure that you share this post, do not encourage such individuals but instead test their knowledge and experience before engaging with them.

I’ll be the first to admit that my personal response on WhatsApp to this slander was far from perfect and I crossed the line and shouldn’t have and controlled the beast inside. For crossing the line and using language and phrases that were less than idyllic and extreme, I am apologetic about and will extend them a personal apology shortly.



Here’s the apology sent to The Beer Dossier. Honestly, it’s better to make peace and move on.

If they are willing to accept the apology and focus on Beer, perhaps we may have an opportunity to work together.

If they don’t, then this is a reflection of their business ethics and their character and all of you should understand that such individuals are malicious and here to cause chaos instead of promoting Beer & Craft Beer.

Hey Hannan & Jenna,

Just wanted to have a quick word with you as I think about what I said after seeing your post and didn’t realise the true meaning of what I said in a fit of anger, on Sunday night.

I’d like to apologise for all the abusive, and bigoted things I said. It was wrong on my part, completely un-called for, and I take it all back.

I have put in a lot of hardwork and effort in what I am doing for beer and am sure you are doing the same.

Let’s put the past behind us. I wish you the best in what you do and what we do for Craft Beer and maybe in the future we could even work together… Peace 🙏

Please share you email as I’d like to send this via email, as well. Thanks!

Cheers – John Eapen. 🍻

Update – They have chosen to reject the apology, ridicule it and continue to defame me and the work that I do. It is quite obvious this entire attack has been carefully planned and executed. My only guess is that they have no work coming in and instead have all this free time to fulfil this expression – The idle mind is the Devils’ workshop!


A brewer from Gurgaon who had the cheek to hurl abuses at me because someone had posted a poor review about his Beers on the Friends Of Froth Facebook group.  If you have a reputation of churning out Green Beer (still fermenting/conditioning), then you will eventually be faced with criticism. Don’t come and shoot the messenger (me – Tales Of Froth or Friends Of Froth).

The Tales Of Froth website and social media channels and group were created to educate the public about Beer & Craft Beer including how to spot bad beer in your neighborhood. It’s your right as a paying customer to demand top quality artisanal Beer each and every time you are in that establishment.

I’ve spent my time over the last 20 years honing my skills and am respected in the Beer industry today after earning that respect over the last couple of years. Most of my time is spent reading/researching, taste testing new batches and spending as much time with brewers as I possibly can, across the nation. I’m also in the equipment and consulting space.

Going forward you will see me do more work for the Craft Brewers Association Of India and handle more training sessions.

The Brewer in question continued to hurl abuses at me and when I insulted him back, he wasn’t very happy about it. If you attack me, be warned, you won’t like what your see or hear and things will get really ugly.

All of this behavior was escalated to his superiors and since then, there haven’t been any problems.

I also sent him an apology and wished him well. I honestly wish him the best of luck and hope he is able to fix his beers and delight his customers. His name and the organization he works for shall remain private.

In Closing

It’s very easy to criticize someone and accuse them of being everything under the sun. Instead of doing that, find out what the facts are approach that individual directly, have a talk with them, express your issues and let it be a constructive session instead of throwing out slander and defamation online without cause.

As you rise up the ladder, there will be those who want to see you fail and try to bring you down. Your ability to handle these outbursts in a professional manner are what will make you stand apart and gain the respect of the community you are in.

This has been a learning lesson for me and going forward matters such as this will be handled in a better fashion. Not only will I not respond to such threats but will consider legal action against those guilty of defamation.

Thank you folks for all your support.

Cheers & Stay Frothy

JJ The Keg

All Images Courtesy Tales Of Froth unless otherwise stipulated



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