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Craft Beer Options In Pune

Pune has a wonderful Craft Beer Scene that has steadily gathered speed since the first Craft Brewery opened it’s doors in 2009, Doolally at Corinthians Resort.


We now have more Brewpubs and production Craft Breweries, as well spread out all over the city.

Pune is a great place to grab a few pints and catch up with friends.


This is just a listing folks. Recommendations will be added in due course.

Operational Brewpubs/Production Breweries

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  1. Independence Brewing Co
  2. Doolally Craft Beers (and a Cider!) at Corinthians Resort.
  3. EffinGut Brewpub – KP, EffinGut Baner TaproomEffinGut Kharadi Taproom
  4. Flambos Brewpub – Rebranded
  5. TJ’S Brew Works
  6. Kimaya Brewing Co – Production Brewery
  7. Great State Aleworks – Production Brewery
  8. Toit – Production Brewery (Operational – kegging to Mumbai Taproom), Toit Taproom Pune (Now Open)
  9. Ales, Brews & Ciders Brewing Co (Awaiting Brewing License)
  10. Smokey’s Brewery (Cancelled)
  11. Playboy Beer Garden (Awaiting Brewing License)
  12. Jonky Brewery (Awaiting Brewing License)
  13. Yavasura – (Now Pouring At Select Outlets)
  14. Babylon – Under Construction


  1. Irish Village Brewery 
  2. Kiva Brew House & Family Restaurant – Hinjewadi

Other Craft Beer Options

Beer Cafe Pune.jpg

There are also several regular bars/restaurants and a handful of taprooms dotted all over Pune that serve draft Craft Beer from the local Craft Breweries highlighted above.

Please contact some of the breweries in the list above and ask them for recommendations. Adding a list of bars, restaurants and taprooms would make this post far too long and to be honest quite boring!

For up to date information about Pune, you can ask the Pune chapter of the Friends Of Froth Facebook group for assistance. If you discover new spots, please share these on the group and these will be added to the list.

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Thank you in advance.

Cheers & Stay Frothy!

JJ The Keg

All Images Courtesy – Tales Of Froth


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