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DVKSP to host Craft Brewing Workshop

Over the past two years DVKSP have helped organized several Craft brewing workshops in Gurgaon. These workshops have been beneficial to the brewing community and help bring brewers, owners and those in the industry closer together.

It’s a great chance to interact with experts from raw material companies and hear what innovations they have been working on and get tips/techniques from them on brewing.

Moreover, it’s a great chance to network with others in the industry. India now has over a 120 brew pubs across the country with several new outlets opening up as your read this. Additionally, the sector is evolving with several players entering the production Craft sector – kegging, bottling and canning. With these developments, there needs to be even more focus on batch consistency and quality. Education and camaraderie are hence required to ensure the new craft production sector thrives.

Mash Agitation

If you are in Bangalore attending the Craft Drinks India 2018 expo on July 4th and 5th, do considering extending your stay by a day or two.


On July 6th, DVKSP from 10am to 5pm, are conducting a collaboration brew at Biergarten, Whitefield. Experts from Castle Malting, Belgium, YCH Hops, USA will be present, as well as brewers from across the country.

DVKSP Collab Biergarten

The type of beer being brewed has not been announced but will have the following raw materials:

  • Castle Malting Belgium Malt. 
  • Hops from YCH Hops
  • Yeast from White Labs

If you’d like to attend the event, please contact:

  • Jatin – +91-9824356600
  • Mahendra – +91-9000074243
  • Girish – +91-9686783095

This event is by Invite only and the target audience is those involved with the brewing community.

See you on the 6th!

All Images Courtesy Tales Of Froth & DVKSP 


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