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Think you know a lot about Beer or specifically Craft Beer?

Go on then, explain the picture you see above in great detail and convince me so!

Remember these stainless steel tanks the next time you sip on a cold glass of Geist’s Witty Wit at your local pub!

smoke co Geist Beer

That’s right, the tanks in the picture above the ones of us laughing at you- remember them because that’s where your freshly delivered hand crafted artisanal Geist ales are made and a lot of love and dedication go into each pint, in case you didn’t already know.

Yes, Geist runs regular factory tours but I wanted to create something a bit more wholesome, more you know well rounded (like me) as far as experience goes.

So, I’ve teamed up with the good folks at The Irish House to give you the best of both worlds.  Yes you can have your pint of Witty Wit and eat something at the same time too!

Don’t think too much, have a quick read through below and then click the ticket links.

See y’all on August 4th at the Geist Factory! (Don’t be late)

Cheers & Stay Frothy!

JJ The Keg

Pairs To Spare


This is for all the beerheads – This August, The Irish House Whitefield is hosting Pairs to Spare – an exciting beer pairing session with Tales of Froth along with a fun tour of the Geist Production Brewery.

Learn about the entire beer brewing process first hand from Narayan Manepally (co-founder Geist), as you see the beautiful golden liquid brewed at the Geist Brewery. Narayan came back to India with one dream, giving South India its first distribution Craft brewery and producing world class handcrafted beers on tap. Today his creations are available in over 40 locations across Bangalore, Mysore & Mangalore.

Post this super fun and insightful tour, head straight to The Irish House in VR Mall to give your day a tipsy twist. Learn what is the perfect glassware to pour lagers and ales, what food pairs best with different types of beers and how it feels to drink like the Irish, with your host John Eapen. Tales of Froth is a popular Bangalore based blog which covers Beer & Craft Beer in India.

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Don’t forget to get your special goodie bag with souvenirs and a customised certificate!

P.S. Tickets include the Geist brewery tour, beer & food sampling at The Irish House Whitefield, and a special goodie bag.

Date: Saturday August 04, 2018

Time:  2pm to 6pm (start at Geist)

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All Images Courtesy: The Irish House, Geist & Tales Of Froth 


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