TOF Gets Global Recognition

When I started the Tales Of Froth blog in early 2015, my daily routine or schedule  was vastly different.

Those days comprised of a lot of daydreaming, networking and hoping things would fall into place. Fast forward to today where my days are spent responding to emails about potential events, consulting gigs, brewery equipment & so forth.

The rest of my time is spent at meetings and usually in the evenings, some sort of social outing. Other days are spent doing events or on travel. It’s getting busier and going out at least a few times a week sometimes does take a toll on you but I’m not complaining!


Four years of hard work here in India, 3 years of work in Canada and over 20+ years as a beer consumer have resulted in Tales Of Froth being where it is today. There is no substitute for hard work.

TOF FBAI Awards 2

I had to do a lot of work for free until brand awareness took place and till today people expect me to be their Craft Beer directory without realizing that my time is valuable and is billable.  Nobody works for free!

Besides that, there have been a few fingers pointed at me. The people pointing those fingers are doing that out of sheer jealousy, evil, malice or whatever you want to call it. Sadly in India, several people try to just copy or steal your ideas without realizing that being original is far more valuable.  Just remember you’ll never be able to get into my head to see what ideas are brewing & you’ll have to do some pretty daring things in your life such as spinning a Cessna 172 into the ground and recovering in one piece!

Milestone Announcement

Now that we have cleared all the fluff, time to share a milestone with all of you.

Tales Of Froth is now listed on the Top 100 Blogs list published by FeedSpot.  It’s listed as number 79 out of 100.

TOF No 79 out 100 Top Beer Blogs.PNG

FeedSpot site link :

Feels great to have gotten here and this is only the beginning!

Thank you to each and everyone of you that have supported me in spirit over the last 4 years. There will definitely be a series of events via the Friends Of Froth group on Facebook to celebrate this achievement.

Don’t forget to follow the TOF Social Media Pages on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Cheers & Stay Frothy

JJ The Keg.

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