Bhutan’s Kati Patang Craft Beer

Very recently, I tried a Beer from Pakistan and was quite thrilled to have had the chance to try the beer. It’s always great to try beers from neighboring countries. I’ve tried beers from Sri Lanka, China and Nepal but never from Bhutan until last year.

I was working with RJ Brewing Solutions at the time. Master Brewer Ishan Grover and Partner at RJ Brewing had visited Bhutan and visited the Ser Bhum Brewery in Thimphu, Bhutan.

“Ser Bhum” literally translates to “Golden Vase”, and it is one of the eight lucky signs of Bhutan.

The Ser Bhum logo provides an image of a serving vessel, as a sign of willingness to share and hospitality. The hint of froth at the top of the vase suggests an abundance of beer suitable for sharing!

Ser Bhum Brewery’s mission and motto is: “Simply Craft, Celebrate Bhutan”.


Ishan shared a couple of photos of the brewery and also brought me two Craft Beer variants they produce – an Amber Ale and a Stout. They now produce an IPA, as well.

Both beers were very well made and as good as any Amber or Stout you’d find on store shelves anywhere in the world – true to style in terms of their appearance/aroma & flavor profile.

Ser Bhum has a small production brewery nestled in the middle of the woods. It  is located in a pastoral forest of Hongtsho with its clean, pure spring water.  It is 12 kilometers away from Thimphu on the route to Punakha and Wangdi.

Images Courtesy: Ishan Grover

Once the samples I had ran out, I wondered if they would at some point export their beers into India. Fast forward to today and Ser Bhum has entered India in a unique manner.

Kati Patang is a new Craft Beer offering that has just entered the Indian market. Their Amber Ale is being contract brewed by Ser Bhum in Bhutan.

Amber 2.jpeg

Image Courtesy: Gautham Gandhi

I wasn’t able to sample the beer however, Friends Of Froth Delhi Admin, Gautham Gandhi was fortunate enough to meet the team and sample their beers first hand.

What I can say is that from my previous knowledge of Ser Bhum, this Beer has to be well made and one look at the branding elements lets us all know that these are people who are serious about what they are doing and passionate too.

Images Courtesy: Gautham Gandhi

This is what Gautham had to say and this is his first Guest Blog post for Tales Of Froth. The first of many to come!

Enjoy reading this!


JJ The Keg

Take it away Gautham!

Introducing Kati Patang by Gautham Gandhi

Gautham Gandhi

Bhutan is a Himalayan Kingdom nestled away in the mountains, being a hard place to get to until recently when the country opened up to foreigners. The country enjoyed complete isolation which helped keeping the place pristine and unpolluted. Bhutan is one of the only few carbon negative countries.


Bhutan has great water sources and water being the most important part of making great beer, Bhutan is at a big advantage. Over the last decade or so Bhutan has witnessed a great boom in the Craft Beer scene with many Bhutanese expanding their palate with different styles of beers.

A Typical Spring In Bhutan

Image of a typical Spring in Bhutan. Image Courtesy: The Internet

KATI PATANG – Zesty Amber Ale

Amber 2


Bottle Size: 300 ML | ABV: 4.8 % | IBU: 12-15 (Not as bitter as a regular Amber Ale)

Kati Patang shares its brewery with Serbhum Brewery, Bhutan. The brewery is set in the Himalayas at 9000 ft above sea level and uses pure Himalayan spring water which drips from the glaciers which is then collected before it joins the main stream. The team at Kati Patang left no stone unturned in bringing us all the goodness to India. The recipe for this beer was designed by highly experienced master brewers from the US, who emphasized on using the finest ingredients from across the planet.

Update: The recipe was designed by Tyler Downey, formerly Sierra Nevada’s Head Brewer.

Tasting Notes

Amber 1



The beer has a coppery red tinge to it which is perfect for an Amber Ale. The body of the beer is pretty clear.


Alcohol notes are mild when cold but the notes get much stronger once a little warm. The malts used in the beer are the backbone of the nose with hints of toffee and caramel. The hops used give out a piney, woody, earthy nose with some citric hints. On the nose the beer leans more towards the malty side.


Medium carbonation, the balance between Malt and Hops comes in at a perfect balance along with a slight alcohol warmth to the palate. The beer runs down thin to medium.


There is an overall good balance of hop and malts flavors in this beer. The malt profile is a bit more dominant but balances out with the earthen, citric notes from the hops. The caramel/toffee malts combination lingers around with restrained bitterness from the hops. It’s a great beer if you enjoy malty forward beers.

Food pairing:

Meats, I paired it with whole roast chicken and stir fried chilli beef. The whole roast chicken seemed to be a better option. I feel it should also go well with a caramel based dessert.

Overall Impression:

We have a lot of bottled/canned beers in the Indian market off late, most of them are Wit’s or Lager’s which get really boring because of the monotony. Kati Patang being a bottled Amber Ale is a new style for the bottled/ canned segment in India and stands apart from what many other craft breweries are doing. The Beer is also on tap in a few bars in Delhi as of now.

It was great meeting Shantanu and Lata from Kati Patang. They share the same love for beer as most of us on Friends Of Froth.

Current Availability

The beer is out in Delhi and flowing in a few bars on tap and bottles at retail vends (The list is attached in the pictures with this write up). The beer should be out in Chandigarh and UP soon, Maharashtra and Karnataka in the future.

Retail Outlets – Delhi

Pubs/Bars/Restaurants – Delhi

Bars 1.jpg


Tof FoF combined image

All Images Courtesy: Kati Patang & Tales Of Froth, unless otherwise stated. 



  1. Thanks so much, John and Gautham ! Like an unfettered kite that floats across the open skies, KATI PATANG stands for the uninhibited, free spirit (that also lies at the heart of the craft beer movement, globally). The base of KATI PATANG is a traditional amber ale — we spent a lot of time to tweak the malt backbone and hop combos in a way so we capture a starting whiff of cascade with a nice full-bodied finish… while it still stays light both on the palette and tummy. And, of course we brewed it with the happiest water on the planet. Hope “friends of froth” enjoy our brew ! Cheers, Lata & Shantanu

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