Health Benefits & Uses

beer and health

Beer has numerous health benefits that sometimes go ignored. Moderate drinking is actually beneficial to your health. Sure, we all like to go a little crazy here or there but in general please do drink in moderation – you’ll feel a lot better!

health benefits of Beer.
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More Benefits:

  • Beer can increase your vitamin B levels Beer contains several B vitamins (B1, B2, B6 and B12). Beer is also a generous source of vitamin B12, an anti-anaemic factor not found in many foods.
  • Beer boosts your memory According to studies, beer drinkers are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia than non-beer drinkers.
  • Warm beer is a great cold remedy When barley is warmed up it improves blood circulation and opens airways easing congestion. It also provides relief for joint pain and boosts your immunity.

Other Uses Of Beer



Apart from the obvious choice of beer as a beverage or a mixer for beer cocktails, beer can be used in cooking but it doesn’t just stop there! There are a few other interesting uses for beer. Here are few of the uses I found on the internet:

  1. Beer Shampoo – Beer adds volume, thickness and shine to your hair, as well as strengthening it. Ladies pay attention! Add a bottle to your bath water.
  2. Beer Bath – Beer is great for your skin – it softens it! Ladies pay attention, once again! After your beer bath, do a self-pedicure – the beer makes it easier to exfoliate.
  3. Furniture and jewellery polish – works great – dab beer on a soft cloth, polish, then dry with a different cloth.
  4.  Rust Remover – the carbonation in the beer helps remove rust. Dip your rusty nails in a glass of beer.
  5. Bee repellent – use beer to create a beer trap. Once they check in, they can never leave!
  6. Snail/Slug killer – bury containers at soil level and fill these with beer. Snails are attracted to the yeast in beer and will drown in them. This way you get pre-marinated escargot! Genius!
  7. For your lawn – beer helps revive brown patches of grass. The sugars in the beer act as nutrients, while the acidity helps kill fungi.


If you can come know of any other ways Beer is good for your health or other uses of Beer, please feel free to comment. I’d love to hear from you!

Cheers to Great Health!